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Thread: NFL Playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff

    1. So glad the Cowboys lost!! I'll never wish for a win as long as Jerry Jones is there.

    2. How 'bout that snow in Lambeau? That was an awesome game.
    We sure agree with this here. [with apologies to Kristi]

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    Why does everyone hate the Pats so much, is it because you don't want them to go 19-0 or you are just tired of them winning? I just don't think anyone is going to stop them they are playing that good.
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    Wow, between the guy that mentioned chopping off Tom Brady's passing fingers, Kristi's urge to castrate some Cowboys, and Alpentalic's hilarious ode to Cheeseheads (from someone with Rasputin for an avatar), I'm glad I never took NFL (or NCAA) football all that seriously!

    I do think New England is clearly the best team in the league by most any standard, and they do seem to be on a mission....but it's not over yet by any means. Going 18-0 and then hopefully 19-0 is completely uncharted territory, so to speak, so you just never know!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom
    so you just never know!
    And that is what is so exciting as it's coming down to the wire. We thought Dallas and Indy were shoe-ins... .Green Bay is playing their best football ever, and NE is out to make history. This is one of, if not the most exciting years in pro football I can think of.

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    Sparano - when he was yelling at the O-Line - that's what I want to see in a head coach
    Looks like you will have to come to Miami if that's what you want to see.

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    dam Buckeyes Green Bay and New England , N E winning it all.
    oh well

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    As a huge fan of football, and I would think most other true football fans would feel the same way, the only satisfactory matchup for the Super Bowl would be the patriots versus the Packers. Patriots cowboys would have been just as good. After watching the last two Super Bowl's I need a good one. I enjoy watching the patriots play although I am not a huge fan, but if they're going to win the Super Bowl and make history it would be best if they beat a worthy opponent. The Chargers are not as good as they were last year and are very capable of playing a terrible game. And the Giants? As good as Eli Manning has been playing he is very capable of playing the shitiest game ever any week. To have either of those teens in the Super Bowl is just asking for another disappointment. Brady versus farve? Forget about it. That would be nice. I'm a big Minnesota Vikings fan and I've always hated Bret farve, but the guy is amazing.

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