I came across this web site describing a program called Jott. What you do is go and sign up on internet http://www.jott.com/register/, set up the Jott number 1-866-JOTT on your cell phone. You tell the phone who you want to sent it to, i.e. "myself" or a contact name. Speak for 30 seconds and the contents will be transcribed for you and emailed to the recipient, including yourself.

At its most basic level, webapp Jott is a voice to text transcription service: you call Jott, leave a message, and Jott transcribes it and emails you or your contacts the text. That alone can capture the big idea that pops into your head on the drive to the office, but Jott can do a whole lot more than send you email. With Jott's built-in links and tools that capitalize on its email-sending abilities, it can give nearly any personal organization system a go-anywhere, add-anything boost. Today we've got a quick primer on how to turn your phone into a ubiquitous capture tool that zaps info into all your favorite organization apps by voice.
I was thinking that while this might not be so useful for an able-bodied person, it should be useful to a quadriplegic person who can't write. This way, you can dictate notes on the phone and email the notes back to yourself. The service actually gives several other services including being able to store your messages in different folders.