santa brought me Tivon S3 this year and I'm finally getting around to playing with it.

Trying to get it to play music from my itunes library on my PC. I can get it to find all of the folders but gives the message:

This folder does not contain any playable music.

From what I gather, Tivo will only play MP3 files, which iTunes files are not...

Someone wrote a plugin for Tivo Desktop/Server that would allow iTunes files to be streamed but it sounds like the new version of iTunes has changed their encoding so this plugin no longer works.

I have searched around and can't seem to find anything other than software that will convert (and create a copy of) iTunes music files so that Tivo will play them. However, I am not interested in having 2 copies of each song nor am I interested in having to convert new files as I acquire more music.

Any Tivo geeks out there find a way to do this?