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Thread: "WarmSkin" Cream to Stay Warm??

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    "WarmSkin" Cream to Stay Warm??

    I was just watching ESPN and the Green Bay/NY Giants football game later today is supposed to have temperatures around zero with 20 mph wind. Anyway, they said trainers are urging the players to use "WarmSkin" cream to protect their skin and stay warm. Anyone ever try this stuff? It doesn't seem to generate heat...I think it acts as insulation on your skin but I'm not sure. Any comments welcome. Thanks.

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    It doesn't look like anything in it would hurt anyone. I am just not sure how it keeps the skin warm. No matter what, it does have a lot of moisturizers, so maybe it would help to keep your skin soft.

    Will be curious to see if anyone responds.

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    it looks like the same thing as utter balm they use it on cow teats to keep them from chaffing and frostbite.

    there some one responded

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    "Cow teats" - lol!

    Ooh, I'm childish tonight.

    @ Smokey - that possibly wasn't the kind of comment you were looking for. Sorry.

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    The cream website says "Adds an extra layer of insulation without adding bulk." I don't understand how a cream can insulate enough to really be effective as an agent to reduce the passage or transfer of heat.....unless it's just hype.

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    Its weird I have heard of people using Vaseline in the same way, and I think I heard it in a football game also and a guy I knew from Chicago. I don't see how it could work either, but Vaseline makes a little more sense I guess since its an oil and the layer might stay on your skin and prevent direct contact between cold air and your skin. Or it might have something to do with keeping your skin moisture from evaporating, or covering your pores. I would think a cream would just absorb into your skin.

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    It's hard to know without actually trying it out, and right now I ain't volunteering!

    However, I do know a thing or two about cold air, as I used to ride my bike all year round, often in sub-freezing weather as low as 5 degrees F once and some of my motorcycle buddies are busily trying to outdo one another for a local 'snot sniffer challenge' one of the bike shops is sponsoring. Crazy folks, they are.....

    The Vaseline analogy makes sense in concept, but UNLESS its used in conjunction with an extra layer (clothing, that is) it would offer next to no insulation value whatsoever, no matter how non-permeable or non-breathable it would be.

    Then again it could be like Ben-Gay or Icy-Hot, something to do with increasing blood flow to the upper layers of your skin and making you feel 'warmer'. But again, if you didn't have extra layers of insulation, you would actually be losing even MORE body heat to the cold and wind.

    A few cold weather riding concepts to keep in mind (most of the bikers here know this already, even if they're from California )
    1. Warm and dry is best
    2. Warm (70+) and wet is uncomfortable, but not-life threatening
    3. Cool and dry is a bit uncomfortable but usually OK (60-70 degrees, add 10 degrees to the ambient temp if a sunny day. My favorite riding weather was usually 60-65F and sunny with a summer mesh jacket over a long sleeve cotton shirt)
    4. Cold and dry - layer up or a wind breaker. Temps in the 40s and even 50s can be deceptively dangerous, people have died from hypothermia in 50-60 degree temps before.
    5. Cold and wet - EXTREMELY DANGEROUS (and miserable). Nothing sucks your body heat away like water. I had one ride like this, caught in a furious thunderstorm coming back from Topeka, rode last 55 miles in cold (40F) rain, lightning (should been zapped!), 80mph, drivers didn't slow down an inch for me, soaked to the bone. Shivered uncontrollably, was very lucky to make it)
    6. Below freezing - stay dry or you die
    7 Single digit temps, well......with friends like these folks, who needs cold weather gear!?

    So, in a nutshell....yeah it might be useful stuff, but not by itself!

    BTW it looks like the cold's getting to the players. The hits look harder, the ball's getting slippery (icy?) and clearly a lot of players are having a hard time of it, too!


    PS: This needs to be moved out of the Care Forum already, thanks!
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    That was one "chilly" night to play football. A couple of times I saw chunks of plastic go flying in the air when 2 players hit each other helmut to helmut. Good game....tough conditions.

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    I have tried this stuff. It in no way keeps your skin warm and is no better than dozens of other skin cremes.

    It is not like ben-gay or icy-hot as it has no menthol in it. It absorbs relatively quickly with little residue but the warming thing is a total crock.

    Stick with your favorite skin moisturizer(Aquaphor is mine) and use it liberally this time of year.

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    My first thought is that if it contains ginger or capscasin that would create a sensation of heat but would not actually protect the skin from the cold. Vaseline won't protect the skin from the cold (frostbite) but from chafing as a result of cold.
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