Someone on eBay has a listing for these trackballs for $86.24 delivered and he has 1,150 of them.

At Amazon there the same price but they have a rebate for $15 dollars or %17, bottom line $71.24 to my house.

I sense excess inventory.

Currently I am the high bidder on another listing for the Expert Mouse 7.0 and my decision will be made when the auction is over.

On another note, I have a box of some broken, some dirty and some just plain old, Expert mice.

It’s the same trackball ‘design’ but over the years not only did the mechanical evolve to optical but the interfaces show the real evolution of peripheral connections over time. From serial, PS2 and USB with forward and backward adapters in between, there must be a dozen I have collected over the last 25 years.

My newest computer doesn’t have a comm Port which I didn’t know until too late. I always thought a computer came with one serial. Is that really to much to ask for, just on simple comm port. You could hook up a modem to it or a mouse its good for lots of things, like a RS485.

Now there all USB interface protocols instead of individualized, personal, one of a kind even made to order ways to address irq's 4 and 3. For you old PC geeks who understand, I need to use a non existent RS232 to make a RS485 into 2 bare wires. Actually I made it a RS485 to DB9 and I don’t need the phone jack if I had the pin connector diagram and could hardwire the stupid thing. USB and Plug and Play has noy made my life easier.

Now my current Optical 7 is not consistently working, the lights don't light up indicating movement. Could be a lose wire but there held in there in such a way an individual wire bears no force. So I think it’s the result of dropping it on the tile floor.

I think this post was influenced by the sugar contained in half a pecan pie.