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Thread: Sweating Need Help

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    Question Sweating Need Help

    Don't know if any of you have had this problem but I need some help in
    finding out what has just caused this in the past month. I have been
    sweating my legs,feet while in prone postion. Can't figure out
    why this is happening. My RN says I have a Plus 3 emdema in my feet.
    I asked her if she knew why I have had this problem. She told me what
    she thought and told me to call my doctor. I think he will be clueless
    cause he has never cared for sci b/4. Talked to my Uro and they told me
    that it wasn't a bladder or kidney issue. Do any of you have had this
    health issue? I did call my dr on Fri but they all left early for weekend.
    Wouldn't know. lol Would appreciate any help or comments to this
    thread. Oh, yes forgot to mention I have sensation in lower extremities.
    I'm a C 5-6 incomplete quad. Post 30 yrs. Don't have this prob. sitting up.

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    Did you start experiencing other symptoms during this time? I've never heard of sweating just in the legs and feet.

    I have been experiencing general cold sweats on the body when I sleep. It's so bad that I have to change shirts. We thought it was low blood sugar from the diabetes but blood sugar tests negated this. The suspicion is that it's a symptom of the bone infection I have.

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    Thanks for responding to my thread. I've been experiencing the sweating
    while lying down just resently. But I do have bone deteration in my hips
    and I have bump on my tailbone but xray revealed no problem. That was
    3 months ago. Right now, I'am in a lot of pain even with taking my pain
    med, having alot more muscle spasms and siftness in my legs. Also, I'am
    very thin and my blood sugar is fine. I just remembered that I do sweat
    on my shoulders and above but only at nite but not in the torse area. Very
    confusing. I will be calling my dr tomorrow. How did you come to the
    conclusion that you have a bone infection? Also, my legs and feet are very
    warm at nite. Well, I guess when I see my dr. he, may no and may not no
    shit. Where I live I don't have access to SCI drs. I wish I was back in Miami.
    That is where I'm orginially from. I had the best drs at Jax Mem/Un of Miami
    Spinal Cord Clinic. And that is where I did my rehab. Let ya know what I
    find out from my dr. Hope to get more input from others. At least I will be
    able to direct my dr in the right direction. lol Seems I get more info from the
    threads and ppl like you than the drs. Thanks, again for your info. Best of
    luck to ya.

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    Sweating is a symptom of autonomic dysreflexia. Have you ever check your blood pressure while you're sweating? Something could be hurting you causing your body to sweat. That's the only time I sweat. Check everything, your socks, pants, shirt, everything. Good luck figuring it out
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    Due to the dysfunction of the autonomic nevous systen in sCI, there may be abnormal sweating but it usually is not confined to one area like your feet/legs. But yes, you should check your BP when this occurs.

    For your edema (swelling), this can happen if you are sitting up all day in your wheelchair and gravity causes the body fluids to collect in your legs and feet. This also can be worsened by eating alot of salt or salty foods. This can be worse if your leg circulation is poor.

    RE your question of a bone infection. This is usually suspected if you have a sore that is open and can penetrate to the bone. Do you have a sore? A fever? This is suspected if blood tests such as your wbc, sed rate or CRP are elevated and can be diagnosed through bone scan or cT scan.


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    rybread and aad, thanks for replying to my thread. My RN who does my
    Bowel Program, takes my blood pressure after. It has always been low.
    But at that time I'm still sweating. I understand the ad when I have my
    bowel program. What doesn't make sense is that I sweat while lying on
    my stomach at night. I have been having alot of pain in my tailbone like
    I said b/4. That is the only thing I know that it could be. I have my
    Mom put an icebag on my tailbone last nite to see of that would help and
    it help some. Didn't sweat as much. The feet swelling basically is from
    the sitting up too long issue. I don't eat alot of salty foods. And my dr
    has checked my circulation and that is fine. I have never had a bedsore
    at all since I had my accident. So maybe it could be the pain from the
    tailbone and my hips because it has been really bad in the last month. It
    sought of happen all at once. Confusing !!! I will put the icebag on again
    tonite and see what happens. Thanks again


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    It could be from injurying your tailbone- sweating is one of the ways that helps to signal something is wrong. Also, since you are having a lot of pain- it could be contributing to your sweating.

    Re: swelling in your feet- it could be from eating too much salt- it is hidden in many foods. Or you could be experiencing "dependent edema". Remember nothing ever stays the same....

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    CKF, your right It could be from the injury to my tailbone. It has been
    hurting alot lately. I am aware of salt in can foods but not in regular
    fresh foods. Don't put much salt on my salads or meats. I do eat
    processed lunchmeat and I'am told that may have salt in it. So maybe
    with that and sitting up 12 hrs a day would cause the swelling in my feet.
    Thanks, for the response to my thread. All info is greatly appreciated.

    Take care


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