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    SCI Nurse

    I've seen you post here many times that it is important for the doctor to prescribe the antibiotic that is the most sensitive to the bacteria growing. Do you have an article on this?

    Reason being is I CANNOT get it through my doctor's thick skull, nor others I have seen, that this is VERY important. I'm not an abled body person. I'm a paraplegic. I'd like to print this article and give to them.

    I'll get a UTI, give a specimen and they'll initially prescribe me CIPRO (most of the time). I'm the one who always has to call back to find out my results and make sure CIPRO is the antibiotic I should be taking. Their response is, "Well, CIPRO will do." I constantly have to remind them that, "No. That will not do for me. What shows to be the most sensitive?"

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    Two things to give him:

    1. A copy of the clinical practice guidelines on bladder management in SCI. You will find a link to this in the "sticky" topics at the top of this forum. Point out the section on treatment/management of UTI in persons with SCI.

    2. This document from the federal government:

    Is this physician a GP, internist, urologist or physiatrist? A urologist who is experienced in SCI (neurologic urology) is best.

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