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Thread: HDMI cables?

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    HDMI cables?

    Does anyone know why the price in these things fluctuates so drastically? You can get a 3ft Monster (brand) cable for like $75 at Best Buy or a 3ft OEM cable for $7 on-line.

    Is it possible that the quality of the cable can be THAT different at the consumer electronics level? I find it hard to believe.

    I'm tempted to buy both and do a comparison but I'd rather just hear someone who knows what they're talking about say that with the more expensive cables, you're just paying for the name...


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    Yha thee is a difference..,. It's like a yugo vs a rabbit

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    More like Ford vs Mercury. One has better packaging.

    I bought several cables from monoprice, all work fantastic.

    Including a 15ft DVI - HDMI for connecting my macbook pro to my TV. Works like a champ. $25.00

    -- JB

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    The difference only matters in terms of signal degradation/artefacting over a longer runs (say > 10 ft). For a short cable, it shouldn't matter much.

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    Just make sure it is HDMI version 1.3a.

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    Thanks all! Very helpful.

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    9,722 FTW!

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    A related question. Has anyone used an HDMI hub for plugging in more than 2 (that's how many inputs my TV has) devices? Right now our playstation is plugged in not using HDMI because the cable and DVD have HDMI cables.

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  10. #10 has quality cables and not too overpriced... actually sells their cables for around half. i have a coaxial for sound hdmi to hdmi and hdmi to dvi from them and they're trully awesome thick quality cables. highly recommend.

    Edit//. MikeC: Cablestogo has all that. check it out

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