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    digital stimulation

    my son 15 years-3 years post sci comp.t8-i use for his routine enema with digital stimulation every evening,my question is:can this damage his rectom??i noticed some weaknes in his rectom it caused some leakage,
    worry mother

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    No trouble here after 15 years. Maybe going every two days would result in less leakage, just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulScream
    Maybe going every two days would result in less leakage, just a thought.
    Agree.. every night is too often, IMO. I do my program every 3rd night, but it all depends on your diet.

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    thanks for quick replays,he tried to do his routine every 2-days but there were too much accidents

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    Usually every other day or 3x weekly is adequate, but occasionally people go to once daily. Do you feel like you are getting full evacuation when you did it every other day? You could check the rectum after evacuation to make sure you have fully evacuated.
    You may find this video worth viewing:


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    I had similiar issues in 1997 when I was injured... also at t-8. here are some points.

    first, the accidents may be a product of the enema and not of the diet. so i would suggest you start with this...
    first, don't use an enema. use plenty of ky, because the anal tissue does tear easily, especially with a dry or poorly lubricated glove. damaged tissue could affect closure.
    next, massage the ascending and transverse colon between stimulations. start low-right, and with soapy hand, massage up the right, the over aorond the location of the transverse colon.
    personally, i recommend a small water colonic... sort of like a water douche in the middle and at the end. use 4-8 oz of water. the helps fecal mobility, esp if the is matter 'stuck' in the descending colon or even transverse colon.
    finally, eat right. i recommend real tamales, natural nuts... non-salted, beans, peanut butter, fruit, leafy veggies. stuff like white rice, breads, and higher protein items do not provide soluble and insoluble fiber.
    and then let him do his own bowel program... either in the shower on a bench or correct commode chair with reaching slot.
    hope this helps

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    I agree with topspin. The enema could be causing the accidents. However, the diet will help produce good, solid stool.

    I check twice a day with actual BMs every 1-2 days (it depends on how much I ate). The water colonic works great for me.

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