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Thread: Question about diagnosis

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    Question about diagnosis

    I have read some posts on here and had a question about the definition of complete vs. incomplete and are there different "levels" of damage that occur in SCI? Bryson's (18 months old) spinal cord is severely bruised, neck broken. Is it more common for a person with a bruised cord to improve vs. someone with a different type of SCI? What exactly is the patholgy in his injury and why wouldnt he get better once the swelling goes down? Thank You.

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    paulamommy, please look at your personal messages I left one there with some sites that I get info from you will find them helpfull.

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    Here is a good article by Dr. Young about types and levels of spinal cord injuries.

    Most spinal cord injuries are not due to the cord being severed (cut), but instead, due to bruising, crushing or loss of circulation to the nervous tissue. If these are bad enough to result in cellular death, then the injury is functionally the same as if the cord were cut. Central nervous tissues (brain and spinal cord) do not heal or repair themselves like skin, muscle, bone or even peripheral nerves. That is why we need more funding for research to see if we can find some way to trigger the body to be able to do this same healing with the spinal cord.

    Only time can tell if there will be any improvement once both swelling goes down and spinal shock subsides. Most recover occurs in the first 3 months, but up to 2 years of continued recovery is not uncommon, and some continue to get small improvements for years after that. Christopher Reeve got some finger movement return 10 years after his injury!

    Here are a couple of other good articles, including one on pediatric spinal cord injury:


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