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Thread: blogging multiple personalities

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    blogging multiple personalities

    is there a way to blog but have different subjects , and somehow keep them separate but together?
    i have a wide range of advocacy interest i like to rant on.
    pedestrian safety issue, dangerous drivers, video stuff i upload to utube concerning both of those subjects.
    i know i could never keep up with multiple word press blogs, it would be too much signing in and out,
    any one know of examples of good blogs that cover a wide range of subject
    most of the good blogs i have read seem to be one subject, like "overlawyered" mainly legal stuff , a couple others just are " i would range from pedestrian advocacy to heath care bs; laws like the contributory negligence laws and how they affect people. local political stuff that would be not interesting to any one outside this area. a mix of national and local issue, so i would need some way to sort them neatly.
    cauda equina

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    Yes, you can do it. How you do it depends on the blogging software. I've seen a lot of people sort by topic or keyword, like you are suggesting, mike.

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    Categories would be the way to go with WordPress. You could set up different category templates if you wanted to differentiate between them visually.

    There seems to be a trend towards consolidating multiple blogs into one; here's an article about one such effort:

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