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Thread: Invacare Power Ranger 11 ?

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    Invacare Power Ranger 11 ?

    An acquaintance has offered to give me a used power chair. She says it has "Power Rolls Ranger 11" written on it. She seems to know little about it. It was her aunt's chair. She has the battery charger but says the batteries may need to be replaced. I need a power chair but can't afford one. Can anyone tell me anything about this model from the name on it? If it's old it may be a lot different from the Ranger 11's I see in ads, etc., right? I don't even know if it has a captain seat or sling.

    I haven't seen the chair yet. Don't want to query her too much about it ahead of time to appear ungrateful. Can anyone shead some light on this chair for me? It would be nice just to be able to get outside, etc. in it. I realize that the fit, etc. will probably not be right.

    I'd just like to do some checking about the thing ahead of time.
    Thanks for any information! Lynne

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    Check it out at


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