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Thread: Supra Pubic Cath/Super Pubic Cath

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    Exclamation Supra Pubic Cath/Super Pubic Cath

    I need Help in this field please........

    I need the positives and negatives.

    My sister Robin had one inserted today but her Urethra was toooooo LARGE for them to do anything so now she has both the Super and the reg cath.

    My mom asks what information can you give us to help my sister.

    Here is Robin's story:

    Here is mine:

    GOD Bless You and Thank You
    Laurie and my mom Sandy

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    Use the search function on the blue bar across the middle. Type in supra pubic and you'll see quite a few previous threads on it. This is much faster than waiting for replies.

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    Please clarify- your sister has both a suprapubic catheter ( stoma opening is on the abdomen) and also a catheter in her urethra?
    Are they both draining?
    How did the doctor explain why this was done? What did the doctor say the plan is-to keep both?


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