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Thread: Crank mounted shifter/brakes for c5/6 handcycle

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    Crank mounted shifter/brakes for c5/6 handcycle

    Has anyone seen any setups for c5/6 quad handcycles that would allow shifting and braking without having to remove your hands from the crank? I've have a shimano 7 speed hub with coaster brake but have to "unclip" my bike-on quad grips to shift. This is particularly hard on hills.

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    Bike-on made me what I think they call a chest brake. It attaches to the frame kinda where the cranks are attached. The idea was to pull your chest forward to hit the brake. I've found it much easier to use as a chin brake though. They used to have a picture of it on their website, but I can't find it anymore.

    Aren't there bike gears that can automatically change based on how hard you are pushing? I just unclip to change gear.

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    I unclip to change gears also, but instead of gearing down mid-hill, I have to put it in "granny" before the hill which means I don't carry any speed. The coaster brake works fine. Maybe if I remount the shifter to chin shift it would work - as long as I don't get hit by the crank. That happened once when I was leaning forward. Thanks for the idea.

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