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Thread: Another Gun Related Post :)

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    Nice setup! I really like the Hogue stocks and grips, nice and grippy.

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    Tom, we picked up one of those composite barrels at a gun show awhile back...the vendor didn't even know what it was. From what I understand, they aren't being made anymore. Light as a feather, nice.

    Check this out, dual 10/22 Gatling gun. All aluminum/stainless. Reworked the crank and trigger system, along with the tripod pivot, a nice shooter. Dumps a hundred rounds like full auto. (Not kept at my house, for lurkers sake.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom
    Might have to pick one up again, but I was always a pistol guy, just more fun kicking up soda cans and trying to hit the next one before the first can came back down (hint - for a 'cheat' aim low and in front of the can )

    I'm more of a handgunner myself. Did you notice Ruger is now making a pistol version of the 10/22? Nice review over at and lots of info at


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    Quote Originally Posted by air ohs
    fluted alum barrel with a chrome-molly liner... this thing shoots dimes at 25 yds

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    I too have a 10/22. It is completely stock. Nice gun and fun to shoot. I think Sportsmans Warehouse is selling a lightweight bull barrel. I am not sure if it is composite or not.

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