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    Chest Pain

    Sorry about my last blank post. My program has to be set up just right and it was off a little.
    Anyway, I have have this chest pain right in in center of my chest. It doesn't shoot down either arm. It feels like a sore muscle and when I had a whirlpool this morning it stopped and when when I lay on my side side it disappears. I take Hydrochlorothiazide and haven't had my potassium level checked lately.. I asked but I guess the doctor doesn't think it's a problem. I told my nurse and I guess she's not to concerned concerned either.
    Does this sound familiar? What could be cause? What tests should I go for?

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    Hi Jim,
    I suffer from chest pain quite a bit, usually right in the centre of my chest, too.
    Could you have nerve pain? That is what mine is, even though it feels sometimes like I've pulled something. I take neurotin (gabapentin) to keep it under control. When I tried coming of this drug, the chest pain returned. The pain wasn't terrible, but as the neurontin pretty much gets rid of it, I'm going to carry on with the drug.
    I'm not a doctor or nurse, so this is just my suggestion.
    Oh, I should add that I do have shoulder pain quite a lot, which radiates into my chest on occasion, this is aggravated by the spasms I get sometimes, so I know that this pain is muscular.


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    It sounds like a muscle pull, a little inflammation going on. Keep with the whirlpool, maybe a little anti-inflammatory medication as well.


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    I have serious damage to my rotator cuffs in both shoulders, from many years of wheeling, but now I many times will get chest pain. I at first thought it was something serious, and was checked out, but it is often the referred pain from my shoulders. Whatever pain management setup you use, that should help to control it. Good luck and hope you feel better.

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    nerve pain

    Thanks for the info everyone. How do I test for nerve pain?

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    It does sound like this is muscular pain by the way you are describing. Nerve or neuropathic pain is usually burning, stinging, firey pain. Whirlpool does not usually help nerve pain as much as muscular pain.

    To diagnose nerve pain, EMG (electromyography) testing is done but because this is somewhat invasive and uncomfortable- some professionals will try a course of medication designed for nerve pain and see if it helps the symptoms before EMG testing.


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