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    Suppository inserter

    Greetings to everyone..

    I'm new to this website as I've just started to work with SCI clients.
    I'm wondering whether anyone here have come across any ways to adapt an equipment for suppository insertion in SCI C7 with only minimal hand grip? I've tried many ways but my client still unable to do it independently due to poor sensation & hand function.. Please advice

    Thank you

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    An OT that does not know about either suppository inserters or dig stimmers?? How long have you worked in SCI?? Get out your Sammons catalog and you will find several models.

    The one we prefer is this one. Of course you need to work with an experienced rehab nurse in teaching patients how to use these. They also work well for those who have the hand function to insert a suppository but lack the reach (such as an obese person or person in a Kydex jacket with paraplegia).

    Some use these, but it is more difficult to reach:

    Here is a previous discussion. Use the search function here and you can find a lot of information.


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    thanks for the reply... I've tried all those equipments with my client but it just doesn't work either sitting or lying...

    I'm just wondering whether there's any invention that I'm not aware about..

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    I know I have to situtate myself so that I am sitting just right to be able to reach and make things work just right. It used to take me forever but after a while I don't even think about it. How long has your client been trying to do this?
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    OT, how were you teaching the patient to use them? This is critical. What was their level of injury? Were you teaching in bed or on the commode? I have rarely seen a patient with wrist extension who could not use these with the correct training.


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