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Thread: Are you a football widow?

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    Are you a football widow?

    Ok people! I need your input

    Who here is a "football widow?" A "football widow" means the following: Your S.O. is obsessed with football and with every NFL/college season, devotes most or all of their free-time to the sport.

    If anyone reading this has had experience with this relationship-hazard please let me know. I'm doing an article on it. Thanks!

    May the fetus you save be gay

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    Every sunday I know not to make plans for us during football season! My husband gets up and puts on his "winning" Dallas cowboys shirt, which is usually dirty because he wore it earlier in the week ... (although he has about 25 cowboy shirts he always decides the "winner" is a dirty one!!! so I end up doing an emergency load of laundry!) I am married to a man whose cowboys come first and believes a cowboys shirt is appropriate for all occasions! His garage is a shrine with Cowboy's flags hung, Cowboy's license plates, cowboys trash can, rug, and the Dallas Cowboys' dart board with matching darts .. he dreams of a Dallas covered pool table. We have a firepit in the yard with cowboys' on one side and the star on the other that my hubby had welded out .... oh but baby this is too fragile to be in the garage so let's store the collectables in the house "hell no not in a box!!!" they must all be on display on the T.V. and around. We have a collection of helmets, foam hats, bobble head, football, mugs, shot glasses, etc in the livingroom. We drink out of Dallas Cowboy glasses. Both our cars have a small blue star decal. For christmas I even got a coach keychain that is all pink dangling stars because it reminded him of his precious COWBOYS!!! Our first born son ... we've discussed names if I had a boy of course Dallas came up as did Cowboy, Impala was another but all 3 were big no-no's from me!!! What if the Cowboy's are not playing you ask??? well college football is just as interesting as are the highschool games he drags me to! we used to go when my nephew played but he's grown and in the army so why do we still go????

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    You know it’s not just men who are obsessed with football. I have known some women who are just as bad. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for just me) my 23 year old daughter is one of them. She moved back in with us, “temporarily,” after graduating from college. She gets nasty when she can’t watch the game she wants or someone disturbs her during a game. Also, her boyfriends better like football, and since we only have broadcast TV, they better include her whenever they’re watching an important game on cable. She's going to make some guy a football widower someday.

    BTW, You look fabulous in your new avatar.

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    youre right ala. it goes the same for women too! and thanks
    May the fetus you save be gay

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    wow oloss......there are no words

    i want you in my article!!
    May the fetus you save be gay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    wow oloss......there are no words
    Oh yes there are!

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    Your post was too much.

    I'm a girlfriend of a hugh Dallas Fan...This Christmas I went way out buying him Dallas Cowboy gear.. His favorite was the Dallas floor mats for his rig long with his Dallas sweat-shirt, he received the long Dallas key chain as well.

    Get this; he logged on an official Dallas site and now he wants to purchase the Dallas cheer leader doll.
    I just laughed and told him he's crazy. I'm sure if he had a spare room it would be over the top with more Dallas items.

    Between his football / fantasy football and me he seems to balance it out very well so I can not complain.


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    hey jcat, are you or your bf SCI?
    May the fetus you save be gay

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    I'm one of the football addicts. I once dated a guy who hated football - yeah we didn't last long. I told him not to come over on Sunday's if he was going to complain about what I was watching. What did he do? He'd come over on Sunday's and bitch and ask if I would change the channel. I said if you even touch the TV I will rip your arms off!

    I was on two fantacy football teams this year. Came in first and third. I have been playing FF now for 4 or 5 years. I have a Dallas Cowboys room. I have Dallas Cowboys sheets, panties, 8 jerseys, flannel pants, socks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. I bought BLUE etnies just to go with my Dallas clothes.

    I named my truck after Jason Witten, he has a customized Star grille, license plate holders, two Stars on the tailgate, and when it gets warmer he will be adorned with a back window sticker that says Witten with a Star and 82 in the middle of it, and the windshield will say Dallas Cowboys. I have Witten vanity plates coming soon. I fly down to Dallas once a year to see a game in person. I have met my two favorite players. People never disappoint me in buying me Cowboys merch for gifts.

    I'm also very supersticious. I have to wear panties that have blue in them on game day. Though I have 8 jerseys - I wear the same one every week. I don't take my Star silver necklace off ever, I won't say playoffs or Super Bowl unless we are qualified to go. If someone says either in my presense and we haven't clinched I make them take it back. I don't want to jinx anything!

    At sports bars I can follow the Dallas Cowboys, how my fantacy football players are doing and all the players I am going up against. I have a tiny voice, but I am the loudest one in the bar when it comes to cheering on football.

    Even when the Cowboys win - I will find something to complain about. There is always room for improvement. I take the win, but always point out what they did wrong.

    I don't have to date a Dallas fan, but he has to like some team or we going to get really bored between September and February.

    After the Super Bowl I go through withdrawals so I go to our arena football games. It's not the same, but almost a similar rush.

    I'm Kristi and I'm addicted to football.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    hello oloss? you'd be perfect for my article! write me back hun!
    May the fetus you save be gay

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