Given that I live way out in the sticks, I've been stuck with ISDN for the last seven years. It's slow (128k), expensive ($125/mo), and useless for any sort of streaming media.

So I'm chatting with one of my neighbors today, and he's like "So, do you have Verizon wireless internet yet?" I replied "What 'chu talkin' 'bout, neighbor?" Apparently Verizon added EVDO Rev-A wireless service to a tower within range of our area a couple months ago, which is surprising since we barely receive a cellphone signal here.

Are my days of waiting ten minutes to watch one minute of YouTube video finally over? I'm going to look into it first thing Monday. Poking around a bit, it sounds like I'll lose my external subnet, which stinks but the bandwidth trumps the IP addresses.

Does anyone else use EVDO as their primary Internet connection? Anything I should know before I dive in?