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Thread: Where to seek PCA in Boston?

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    Quote Originally Posted by postit
    I'm making some good progress, but a pay issue has come up.

    Am led to beleive that most everyone is paying their PCA something additional, often times cash. I'm naieve on this, and don't want to do anything illegal or get myself or anyone in trouble.

    Is it common practice to supplement the $10.84 the State pays, and, if so, is it legal?

    Have searched online, and don't see anything specific about additional payments on the MassHealth program.
    I would call Boston Legal Aide or the Disability Law Center and get a free legal opinion. You can also try the legal clinic at New England School of Law on Stewart Street across from the MA Transportation Building. They have a health care clinic, or at least they used to. Better safe than sorry
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    I know that KLD had posted about it being a legal problem in California, so I would be certain to check in to it if I were you.
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    I haven't been able to tell for sure if I'm allowed to supplement pay to what MassHealth already pays. I know I can provide a 1099-MISC form, but don't know if I also have to deduct taxes etc but more importantly if it's even legal to supplement the pay in the first place. I also can't tell if what I'm adding is considered pay or a tip.

    Asking the caseworker is synomomous to asking a State Police officer if I can continue speeding... I've already supplemented pay but don't know if I should have and the last thing I want to do is risk breaking rules and getting myself disqualified.

    Anyone here on MassHealth that can help guide?

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    MA pays better then NH does, PCA care here is only 10.00 an hour and thankfully they allow family, or friends to do the care. I have 20 hours of care a week which my significant other does, we started looking for someone to do other then him and found no one wanted the job, so jake ended up cutting his hours at his job and having Fridays off so he could do the PCA care. so, we do all our appointments, etc..on Fridays and he helps with everything esle at night or on the weekends. It's worked out really well, we get to spend more time together and he is reliable. I hope you find someone--definately post at colleges in the Boston area, local hospital bulletin boards, talk to your local pharmacists --sometimes they have pharmacy techs looking to have another flexible job, etc..

    Hope you find someone

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    the Massachusetts pay $10.84 hasn't gone up in years, but it is still respectable compared to some other states as someone mentioned. Recently Pca' s have become unionized, so I would imagine a pay bump should be coming. Still I have survived 23 years living on my own in the community of as a c4 quad utilizing the system. Back in 1986 I believe it was 5 something a hour. I live in the suburbs, so little different than the city. I personally have never paid anyone more than the allotted pay, simply because if you do it for one person, everyone will expect the same treatment. I don't know how many evaluations you have had, but you have to account for literally every minute of you're care. That said, I do know several people that would say pay a employee for 5 hours of work, and if they finished in 4 hours than their salary would obviously be higher. You have to do what you have to do to survive. I know of another person that takes the train to Boston every day for work. He has to get at 4 a.m., nobody is doing that for 10.84 a hour. So I believe he compensates them more.

    Good luck

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