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Thread: Articles re Neurontin

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    kinda interesting this thread was revived by the above post. it seems to be russian. google translate gives this,

    I agree, nodding Healer. This earned it. Undress him and fast!
    But I'm so not at any time off, "chuckled Barra. You are very beautiful and attracts me terribly. But I would not want to be a Healer of Souls. On their own is one thing, but out of necessity even quite different.
    By the way, Dasha, you would like to go in the woods?
    And how much more needs to be done! Everything else, Nikita continued to be alpha-coordinated action against the draft and this responsibility with anyone he did not take off. If it were not for "Gold Darney, consumed daily in large quantities, counterintelligence would long ago have collapsed. But the last time did not help and the elixir, it seems, an organism used up all reserves, and you just need to get some sleep. However, the conscience will not let you do it, and ran from Nikita believed for several days trying to catch skimp on their health of alpha-coordinator and put him to sleep his power Healer.
    And what is the healer of souls? Lavi asked.</span>

    probably a case of too much neurontin

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    As someone in the medical industry I can say ALL drugs are promoted this way.
    They sit down with the physician who tells them how much generic/label he can prescribe (the insurance co is usually on their ass about this) and they create a plan of who gets generic and who gets label.

    I am not a pharma rep, but we have employed a few and mostly it's appalling what they do.

    With that being said Gabapentin has worked for me. Lyrica and Cymbalta did nothing and I was going insane. I am on 600mg x3. I now started Savella with Gapapentin and am doing 30% better in a week. I was at a point where I was ready to give up working pernamently.

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