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Thread: spasm allows me voluntary movement

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    spasm allows me voluntary movement

    I discovered that when my legs are spasming that i can voluntarily move my ankle, toes and my leg.
    The movement in my leg is fairly weak but i can move the knee upwards and down.
    The movement in my ankle and toes is competely normal movement.
    When i'm not in spasm i can feel flickers but there is nothing visual.
    I'm only 4 months post and seem to be an abnormal t4 asia B.
    I'd love to know what this means and is this a normal thing?? What can i do to strengthen theses responses and maybe use them non-spasm??
    Please help Dr, Nurse and others!!!

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    Are you seeing a PT? Can you see one with a physician's order? It may be that this voluntary movement can be improved through techniques such as biofeedback and FES. I would certainly recommend pursuing this. It sounds like you are still getting return and may end up an ASIA C or even D.

    Please don't double post. I see that you posted the identical question in the New SCI forum here, so I will lock this message. Please use the New SCI forum message for any further discussion. Thanks.


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