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Thread: real exercise for sci

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    real exercise for sci

    check out

    i have an ergys investment i ever made!

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    How much does that thing cost? I know a kid who has something like that and he said he asked to strip down to his underwear to wrap stuff around his legs. You have to do that with this thing? From the picture it doesn't look like it. Could you explain the benefits you are getting from it? I could guess, just thought I would ask.

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    By the looks of the web site, it's about $17,000. If at home, I wouldn't see a problem of needing to strip down, but it looks like loose shorts or similar would provide access to the needed areas.

    I've never seen one in person, but they do look interesting.
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    I've used one in pt. Baggy gym shorts really help, as you have to put and electrode pad on all 3 main muscle areas. They have one's that don;t require a transfer now too. I like that idea,
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    $17,000 really? Geez. You think for that kind of money they;d have a better website interface.

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