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Thread: T4-5 With sensation on feet

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    T4-5 With sensation on feet

    I have sensation on my feet that has gotten stronger recently. I've also been working out at a new gym and walking around using leg braces more often than I used to. I can't move my toes but I feel its almost there. It's very strange. I've also been working on my abdominals and they too have been getting stronger where as before I couldn't use them at all. One question I have is How can I have sensation on the bottom of my feet but not my knees or calves or some other places? If the signal goes all the way down there and back why not everywhere else? Also, since I do have some message getting through is there anything anyone can suggest that will help besides what I'm doing? Would I be good candidate for 4-AP or something like that?

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    4-AP sounds like a good idea. Seems like the extra walking around may be "waking" some dormant pathways up for you. I wonder if a full fledged gait training program (perhaps with 4-AP) would be the best bet for more possible improvement.
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    I think spotty conduction of the signals must not be uncommon. When my wife was first injured, she had a little sensation below the injury site only on one place on her left foot. Now (2-1/2 years later) she has some sensation at the anus, over more of her feet, and part of her legs, but still nothing in the stomach area.
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