I posted a question a few months ago regarding your opinion of different wheelchair's and all of your input was so helpful, thank you. Because of all your very good advice I have decided on a TI ZRA. It will be my first chair and I am looking forward to placing the order and that is the reason for this question.
As I explained I am going with the TI ZRa. I am still waiting for a final estimate from a chair dealer that I was assigned to from a Kessler chair clinic who barely returns my calls (I am being kind), but I think it will be around $6000. with a few unique options like a flip up footrest, jay2 cushion, D's locks and a Matrx PB Elite back of which my insurance company will only pay about $2500. before the deductible and its a new year.
I took it upon myself to get a direct quote from Spinlife. I am still waiting for their quote but I expect they will be around $3000. and that will be confirmed tomorrow.
My question to all of you is how much value can the dealer bring? I understand the concept of having local support but that's gouging.
My concern is there is a lot that I do not know and I will have no one to assist but at what cost is that up charge justified.

What is your opinion ? I am sure a lot of you have had the same situation. Are all these dealers so unprofessional?

Thank you and Happy New Year. Ciao