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Thread: Great new shower chair!

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    Great new shower chair!

    I found this great new shower chair online. It helps you transfer into the shower or bath without using a transfer bench. Seems really safe. Does anyone have any thoughts on this chair. It is called the ShowerBuddy. There website is

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    One post vadim?? I would say vadim is trying to market this piece of junk. It looks like it has more parts than an oil refinery.

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    Why not be just up front about it, and say "Hey I am marketing this ....." instead of the "I just happened to run across this web site, so figured I would joins yours and post about it ....."
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    "Elimination through Innovation"? What a horrible tagline for a commode chair.


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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey
    One post vadim?? I would say vadim is trying to market this piece of junk. It looks like it has more parts than an oil refinery.
    Smokey you crack me up....yup you and me would get along fine.....lmao....we think

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    Sorta looks like a real old dentist chair to me....doesnt it Smokey?....roflmao


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    I just joined CareCure but I wish I'd have known about this site a month ago when I bought an expensive piece of junk called Showerbuddy.

    Vadim Zitser is the Director of Sales and Marketing for this company which sells a product "Designed in New Zealand" but made in China.

    I don't think that anyone associated with Showerbuddy has a clue about the needs of spinal cord injured users.

    For starters, the chair is extremely heavy. It comes with alot of connector widgets that are hard to maneuver. In my chair, one of the screw holes was drilled too large and the factory installed hardware fell out.

    The seat is hard as a rock and has a rough textured finish that tears skin. In addition, the seat is not adjustable for side BP users. The edges of the cut-away are sharp and, in my case landed right over my tailbone.

    The footrest has 12 hard plastic orange pieces on it so you have to wear shoes when sitting for a transfer.

    I wasted good money on this and I want to make my first post on this forum warning others about this product if you are in the market for sliding shower and tub systems.

    I learned my lesson and will no longer buy products from websites that use cartoon pictures and animation.

    Shame on you for your fake post.

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    How does it different from Shower Helper and/or Bath Helper? ( )
    Shower Helper seems very same as this Shower buddy.

    I am planing to buy either Bath Helper or Nuprodx multiChair 6000 and need to make a decision in one or two days.

    Can you guys give me any feed back?

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    To me, it looks like Showerbuddy just copied the exact design of the Sisus piece and added a bunch of goofy orange plastic pieces to make it look different. It looks like these models are geared more towards the Geriatric market and are not for SCI.

    Nuprodx is the Bentley of sliding chairs. I tried to save money by getting Showerbuddy and now have to save up for the multichair 6000. Bed baths and BP on chux until then.

    Read the other posts on Nuprodux. Nothing negative at all.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    Oh, and the Sisus products look like they have brakes on all 4 casters. SB only has them on the front 2. SB has a chest belt. It does not look like Bath or Shower helper has any restraints which again makes me think they are more for geriatrics with balance problems or arthritis to avoid slip/falls.

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