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Thread: Is there any way to make your manual chair a power chair ?

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    Is there any way to make your manual chair a power chair ?

    I was just curious if they make any parts that can go onto your wheels that would make your manual chair into a power chair that has a remote you can control the chair with.

    For me the power chair is big and bulky, and it's very hard to get into restaurants and fit under tables.

    Just wondering if there was anything available

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    Yes, sorta whats your level? Emotions and other add-ons are out there. It all depends on how functional you are.

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    yes - ive been looking myself, and heres what ive found. most are specific to europe, but most have north american versions...

    there are several options:

    power-assisted wheels: i think the most well known are alber emotions, available from frank mobility, and quickie xtenders, made by yamaha and sold here as quickie p105, otto bock e-support, or yamaha jw2. usually available as 24" or 22", but they may do custom, i dont know.

    joystick-driven 24": alber efix, made in germany and available as 24" or 12.5". yamaha also make the jw1, which used to be available from both quickie and otto bock, but im not sure if its discontinued. otto bock market their own z50, but im not sure if they make or license it.

    joystick-driven with small drive wheels: alber make the efix in 12.5 as mentioned above. the quickie powertec f16 is a quick release powered unit that clips on to certain chairs.

    many of these are aftermarket devices that go on most chairs, with fairly minor adaptions...

    i sure ive forgotten some!

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    This information is 10 years old, and some of these companies are out of business or no longer making the product, but it is a place to start. Overall, if you really need a power chair, it will be better to get one, even if used, rather than to try to retrofit a manual chair. Power assist wheels are a whole different animal, since you still have to be able to manually propel the chair.

    Also keep in mind that Medicare will not fund a power chair or retrofit unless you need to use it in your home (use in the community is currently not considered a medical necessity).


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    ....tow rope

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    I'm not sure if the company still makes it, but there used to be a device called the Roll-Aid that hooked onto a manual folding chair to make it powered.


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    Had one of those for my mother for a while. It's only advantage is that you can remove it from the chair when needed. It drives with a tiller like a scooter, so you have to have the strength to both press the right and left controls (for fast and slow) and steer by turning the tiller. It is also difficult to remove from the chair yourself, and the heaviest component (for getting into an out of a car) weighs more than 25 lb. I am not sure they even make them anymore.

    The Damaco is similar except that it drives with a joy stick, but we stopped issuing these at my VA because of their horrible repair and breakdown track record. I don't think they are made anymore.

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    i have a teamhybrid viper powertrike that i keep attached to my old manual - very cool, and very fast!

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    Thanks again for the info... but I'm probably going to stray away from these products because they seem to be very old, also I am a quadriplegic so if I ever had any problems with repairing or breaking I would be totally screwed. Thanks again

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