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Thread: Protecting personal info from pca's

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    Protecting personal info from pca's

    how do you protect your personal information from being stolen by pca's... strikes me, I have all this stuff lying around... credit card/bank account information/stuff with my ssn... seems like it would be very easy for one of them to use this even if I locked it all away they still see my mail etc.?

    sorry if I posted in the grown forum, but I wasn't sure which this applied to

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    Wrong forum, but pick up and put away your stuff would do wonders.

    None of my workers touch any of that stuff.

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    What is your level of injury? Why are your PCAs reading your mail? We have a very specific contract that our PCAs sign. It includes a confidentiality & privacy agreement. Violation of this is listed as a reason for immediate termination. We also do background checks on all PCAs, so less likely to get ripped off by someone with a previous history of this kind of stuff. If you have a violation, be sure it is reported to the police so it will show up on any background check in the future.

    We keep credit cards, etc. in wallets in wheelchair bags or in a locked drawer. Similarly, tax records, credit card statements, etc. go in a locked filed cabinet. Don't leave blank checks laying around, and never give your PCA access to either your credit card or ATM.

    If you need to arrange for funds for your PCA, set up a separate small checking account with its own ATM or limited credit card and let them use that, but be sure to always get receipts and check them against statements.


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    my first message was a bit unclear, I do try to keep stuff locked up & didn't mean to imply that pca's were deliberately reading my Mail...I live with parents... so usually one of them handles my Mail
    I'm c-5 though & can't open stuff on my own, let alone put it away myself... when my parents are out of town I'll go a week without opening Mail... I wondered how people who live alone handled the situation regarding sensitive information

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    I bought a small safe and put all financial information, personal info. (check book, bank statements, wallet ect.) in it to protect that info. In the event that the whole safe is stolen I can contact financial institutions to infom them. Its easier that discovering which piece of paper was stole and it helps me keep my paper work to a minimum. Shread anything else of importance not needed.

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    I forgot to say, also do as much on-line as you can (banking, paying bills, etc.). It minimizes the need to have checkbooks laying around, and you can even get many bills sent to you electronically now instead of by mail. I am to the point personally where I often go 3-4 weeks without writing a check anymore.

    Your PCAs can open your mail and hand it to you without reading it. You should be able to manage files, etc. with adaptive equipment if you are actually C5.

    I also do not carry my Social Security card in my wallet. Memorized it a long time ago, and keep it locked up so that it is difficult to access. I keep a lot of information about my financial private information in either my computer or PDA, and have both password protected from snooping eyes.


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    i have a very large tool box in my room to keep my info and personal items safe. i keep one draw open with supplies i need. works good.

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