ok guys this is my idea, i first need a print out list of all the members from our site. I want to challenge every auto dealership to make available at least 1 modified vehicle on their lot with strict regulations and guidelines for people in need of transportation. I will start by available the every general manager in the United States. For some like me its not that i cant drive i just dont have a modified vehicle to drive, and i cant afford to buy a available that meets the standards for TRC to modify. Oh yeah i know theirs public transportation but for all of us and even able bodied people thats a nightmare. They say they want us to be independent then help us get the tools to make that dream come true. Im single and raising kids on my own.Often times I cant get to their school functions for various rules that public transportation does not meet(Metro Lift). In case of an emergency lets say the school or a sporting event i often feel helpless. Bothering people for rides and being told by the system that they they dont service the area i live in has helped meta make my New Year's Resolution. I figure if i can get 1 auto maker to go along with this plan the others will follow. I know its allot to ask and i know its a plan, but all of us have had bigger challenges and i think this is 1 that could benefit us all. I'm not asking for a hand out , we dont want 2nd vehicles or vehicles for people who are capable of purchasing their own car.Like i said in the beginning strict guidelines and regulations for qualifying applicants is what we are asking for....not handouts. I want to say that is has been a long time since i posted but i am realy pasionate about this and for a while i guess i just gave up hope but i hope and pray that you will get behind me on this.

Love Gloria