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Thread: Mac Stuff

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    Dave, thanks!

    Your experience with these programs may help us to make a better decision before we buy/purchase these items, etc.
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    OK, I admit!

    I am a complete NERD. I was at Comp USA last night and they are closing their stores and so all items are REDUCED! There were copies of VMWARE and so I got one, it was 30% off God Bless Us All (love a sale)! Now, I am not liking the way Parallels performs on my MacBookPro as several times it has crashed or not loaded properly. I am going to try VMWARE. Now, to find more hours in the day?

    uS cRIPS should be PAID to test these goodies!

    got this email in my inbox- fyi

    Dear MacSpeech Customer,

    At the upcoming Macworld Expo in San Francisco MacSpeech will show why 2008 is a year of exciting changes. It is at this very important event that MacSpeech — the industry leader in speech recognition on Macintosh — takes the wraps off of the future of speech recognition on the Mac platform.

    If you are attending Macworld Expo (January 15-19, 2008), be sure to visit us at Booth #S-607 where you will discover what true speech recognition on the Mac is all about. If you are not attending Macworld Expo, be sure to stay tuned to the MacSpeech website at for important details and information about our latest in Macintosh speech recognition.

    We look forward to showing you why 2008 is when everything changes for speech recognition on the Mac.

    MacSpeech, Inc.

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    I got that email earlier as well, sounds like they have something good for us, tell us how you like VMware then.
    C5/C6 complete

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    (i wrote this last night & just posted)
    Hey liz -- parallels and Dragon works well although they are not as smooth and quick as I would like them to be. I've been able to write reports and other large dictations completely on DragonPad the accuracy wanes depending upon how many other programs I have running. In my opinion it is still better than working with Ilisten.
    I had a hell of a time with that program and tried various microphones including the expensive array. I worked on training for over a month but it seemed as time passed my recognition dropped below 90%.

    Right now -- I just dictated this little bit on to DragonPad using my Macbook's built-in microphone. I got sick and tired of all the extraneous wires and widgets. If I speak clearly enough it works well although I'd be game to entertain other options if Ilisten's recognition rates improved. It can be tiresome cutting and pasting text from parallels to Safari and/or Word.

    If I had some extra cash & time I would try VMware. or give these hacks a try.

    Let me know your thoughts on curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgrotz
    I got that email earlier as well, sounds like they have something good for us, tell us how you like VMware then.
    I hope they do.

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    I have been following this discussion with great interest. I wonder why Dragon has not made a OSX version. The Mac market is quite a substantial market. While Windows has more machines in the office, Macs are being used more often in homes. iListen 1.7 is the only comparable program for the Mac.

    Charles Moore is one of iListen's most consistent advocates and praises the program ([url=\Source[/url]). It has a large library of 330,000 words developed in cooperation with Oxford University. It is Applescript compatible and can execute macros

    However, at least one reviewer has suggest that the accuracy of the word translations tops out at about 90% (Source). Version 1.6.1 was not completely hands-free (Source). It is intresting when a number of people complained about the accuracy and difficulty of using iListen, Chuck Rogers who is the Chief Evangelist for MacSpeech wrote on 10/25/07 that they should contact their help department and they will get people up and going with a high accuracy voice recognition:
    Anyone who is having problems with iListen should contact our support department. In nearly 100% of the cases where someone experiences a problem, we have been able to get them up and running with excellent accuracy in very short order.

    Speech recognition is the hardest thing you will ever ask your computer to do, and it is especially hard to do on a Mac (for a variety of reasons). MacSpeech has outlasted IBM on the platform an there are no other competitors. Why? Because our software works exceptionally well.

    I would like to remind anyone who worries about that to remember that if it didn't work well, we would NEVER get a good review. We get plenty of good reviews and comments as well. You can see links to some of the good reviews at You can see testimonials at

    Chuck Rogers, Chief Evangelist
    MacSpeech, Inc. (10/25/2007, Version: 1.7.1)

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    Their support (macspeech) is indeed excellent & helpful. I spoke with them on a variety of different occasions but my experience with the software was still unpredictable and aggravating. On the other hand Dragon's support is costly and bogged down-- yet their product is g8.
    I suggested to them to look into OSX but never received a response.

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    bento new mac program

    i was in the Apple store in soho tonight , they was a presentation on this new bento program , it is pretty cheap 49 bucks and there is free 30 day trial. it looked like a good program, one of the reason's didn't like macs were the lack of a decent organization , very poor compared to windows office.
    the address book in the mac was severely lacking, entourage was not a comparable product , was missing journal features .
    i also heard th enew macpro came out 3 days ago, they had one in the store but i forgot to go look at it .
    cauda equina

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    does anyone use a seperate journaling program regularly? I found a freebie -- 'diary' on the Apple site but it is overly simple and dated.

    Any suggestions?

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    i wonder if bento has the journral feature, i asked the designer last night, he wasn't that clear on the answer.
    it almost wanted to make me buy a mac , but i still got to check out andy;s hardwire and prices comment!
    bento has a feature that i really like , it make sit very easy to do a spreadsheet calculation's, this to me will pay for itself.
    i have mileage for medical stuff that is probably over 1000, th last time i did it i had a accountant help write the program in excell. i think i could easily do it in bento.
    everhting you do in bento as far as ical and address it auto upgraded in whatever device sync to your mac, like iphone and itouch
    cauda equina

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