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Thread: Mac Stuff

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    Mac Stuff

    A request has been made by one of our members to start a "New Mac" thread. I think this is a good idea, because we have members who are strongly considering purchasing a Mac, or who (like me) have recently acquired one.

    A word of caution for anyone who may be purchasing a Mac from Amazon: find out if this machine will be coming with Leopard preinstalled. There were some early hardware problems (screen dimmed on one side, sudden freezes) on a small minority of the aluminum iMacs. These problems have been resolved, but you don't want to buy old stock.

    So far all I can say is that my new aluminum iMac is an elegant machine, very quiet, and seems quite snappy.

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    good idea! To start off -- has anyone had experience running Dragon both in parallels and in bootcamp?
    I also found a hack that allows you to dictate into Mac applications but it appears to be way over my head and was wondering if anyone else has played around with it.

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    Hello Chaz,

    I decided to go with Windows XP in Apples Boot Camp and, from there, use Dragon. I purchased iListen to use with Leopard. Unfortunately, I am still installing software and getting things set up but I should have an update early next week.

    I went with Boot Camp because I was hearing that other DNS users were encountering problems using Parallels. I am now more interested in VMware Fusion because it recognizes multiple processors and it is just plain faster than Parallels.

    I'm sure we will hear from Liz when the time is right.
    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
    --General George Patton

    Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
    ––Paul Nussbaum

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    Here's a pic again of my 24" iMac. 2.4 ghz, 2 gigs of ram, BBIG FFFAT Screeeeen ~ It's sweeeet...
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    Ok...I'm a idiot when it comes to Macs. But I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with a Mac for my next computer...My Dell Laptop is just to slow--and windows...ugh...

    So can I use most all the same programs on a Mac? What kind of OS do they use? Whats a good one to get? I want another laptop.

    The last Mac I used was the size of a suitcase and the only color on the screen was green. This was way back in the early 90's when I was in elementery school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSieck
    So can I use most all the same programs on a Mac?
    Generally speaking, yes.

    What kind of OS do they use?
    they come loaded w/ Mac OS X:

    Whats a good one to get? I want another laptop.
    10:1 says a 13" MacBook would fit your needs:

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    Bought a MacBook Pro for my wife for Christmas(I'm on it right now). First Mac I ever played with(been a PC guy for decades), gotta say it is very fast and responsive. Seems very intuitive also, one of the reasons I bought it for her, as a Potter she is not a computer person. Figured she'd be safer online too.

    If you work for a "bigger" company, check and see if they are involved with the Apple EPP program, saved me quite a few bucks.
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    I downloaded iListen 1.8. the install is very smooth, download great, and u can re download up to 50 times until a date in 08. I have no idea what commands to use but I figure that I will print off the command list sometime this weekend, I just haven't had the time. I did dictate a little and trained two additional reading sessions for iListen of 31 sentences each. The training is very similar to Dragon. I am using my VXI Talkpro headset with Andrea USB Pod. I never have cared for the Andrea USB pod because I think using it with Dragon makes dictation worse, so generally just plug in the talkpro. Nontheless, iListen requires a USB microphone. I did find that iListen works best with quiet environment rather than with Dragon, I can have a little noise in the background. maybe this will change once iListen gets more familiar with my voice?

    A few weeks ago, I attempted to load Dragon on Parallels. guess (by default?) only loaded 512 of memory for parallels when it is running? To install, I have to load dns 7.0 pro, then upgrade to my disk of dns 8.0. dns 8 wouldnt completely install because there wasnt sufficint space? so, i had to delete 7.0 and dns 8 upgrade cd in order to run parallels. help?? shouldn't I be able to load both programs?

    i haven't done any more w trying to reinstall dragon n parallels because i may be getting the latest version of dragon thru my work, it just may be a few weeks.

    haven't tried installing Dragon as I think its best that I wait till I get the full version 9.5, instead of using 7 & 8 (upgrade cd).


    All of the office programs are very compatible with Apples iWork program. There is Office for Mac too.

    Chaz- How is Dragon, Parallels and/or Bootcamp going for you?

    Ronnnn- Nice fish!

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    i've been on a mac for 15 years now (since i was hurt) from a laptop with
    4 meg of ram to a power mac9600 to a g4 then g5. this month bought a
    imac with that big 24 inch screen so i can run windows. unfortunantly i don't have the money to buy the windows operating system yet. yikes!

    the only problem i've had with lepoard so far is my photoshop 7 is not
    compatible with it. so until i sell my g5, i won't have the money for a
    program i use everyday.

    i haven't used a voice recognition software for a while, but i'm getting
    tired of typing with my pinky. i don't really like headsets so i''ll have to
    see how well they work with my imic. has anyone here used an imic with
    a voice recognition program?

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    PN requested that I post our pm about parallels, vmware, and iListen so here it is:

    I'm not sure what happened with parallels for me. I went to reinstal and it wouldn't let me, even dl the new version but had the same problem. Tech suport, user furom, and FAQ's were no help so I decieded to give VMware a try and I'm very happy with it, just a better UI and easier to use imo.

    To be honost I don't use iListen much thse days but I have it installed and it does work for me. It took a lot of training, reading stuff it gives you but then it keeps learning as you use it. I would say it has descent accuracy (with a good mic). I tried dragon about 4 years ago and I was not happy at all with it's accuracy, it may be better now idk.
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