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Thread: Recipes for avoiding UTI's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Any replacement for Uroquid yet?
    Hi Norm, I believe Methenamine Hippurate is the generic name for what your looking for.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I've been having problems with a lot of sediment, does Vetericyn help dissolve sediment? If I were to use it and hold it in my bladder for intervals increasing duration each time (from what I've read on other threads, This needs to be done), would every other day be enough for it to prevent infections and help with sediment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    I've been having problems with a lot of sediment, does Vetericyn help dissolve sediment? If I were to use it and hold it in my bladder for intervals increasing duration each time (from what I've read on other threads, This needs to be done), would every other day be enough for it to prevent infections and help with sediment.
    Hi James,
    Veteriyn doesn't dissolve sediment. But, since you would be flushing Vetericyn through the catheter, is would help to keep sediment from clogging the catheter.

    At this time, we have no human trial data about how much Vetericyn to use, how long to retain it, how often to use it. You will have to experiment and see what works for you.

    Have you been to this new thread?

    Original Vetericyn and original Vetericyn VF are being phased out of the marketplace as stock is depleted. Innovacyn, manufacture/distributor of these two original products, no longer has a license agreement with Oculus Innovative Sciences, who owns the rights to Microcyn Technology. Thus, the new products that Innovacyn is producing and distributing are different from what many of us have been using for years. The products are now named Vetericyn Plus and Vetericyn VF Plus. Check out the thread above and take advantage of receiving samples of the Microcyn Technology product HydroCleanse.

    All the best,

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    It's been quite awhile since visiting here!

    Huge question, is anyone having trouble finding carriers of the Methenamine? My original pills has a coating and since then the only form has been the Methenamine Hippurate which is non coated and feels like acid. I quit taking it because of the stomach issues it caused and ended up with a major kidney infection, the worst I've ever had!

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    I'm a T-7 para. Been for the last 20 years! I've been using Young Living Essential oils to help me with all sorts of issues! The oils are all natural! I haven't had a UTI in years! I simply put one drop of lemon, Citrus-Fresh or Lime in an 8 ounce glass of water daily! Not only does it help with UTI's, it boosts your immune system! If you would like to know more about them, you can contact me at


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    Try D-Mannose- I'm suffering from a UTI right now so maybe I shouldn't say anything but until now the supplement D-Mannose has been a godsend and my urologist says that many others agree. I take D-Mannose in the AM and PM. It's a cranberry derivative that claims that it does not allow the E-coli bacteria to settle into the bladder lining and colonize. My infections are always e-coli bacteria. I self-catheterize and previously had huge UTI issues until I found D-Mannose. When I do feel an infection coming on, I start catheterizing every 3 hours and take a D-Mannose each time I cath. Until recently, that has worked wonders. Right now, I am going through a real rough spot emotionally which may be why I am having more UTIs. The one thing that I found is that when I take lots, it seems to loosen my stools. I've never heard whether anyone else has that same side-effect. I get mine online from It's called UTISlip D-Mannose and I take 500 mg VegeCaps 2x a day.

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    kandreas, yes d mannose can cause loose stool. It absolutely had that side affect on me and it is listed as a possible side affect. I would suggest a better product for preventing UTIs is Hydrocleanse which is discussed a lot here:

    Also, you need to know what bug your urine culture identified for you current infection. If it is not an E coli bacteria d mannose does not work.

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    Since my spasms have gone so have UTIs. At first, I thought the UTIs were causing the spasms. They definitely do increase spasms. But they weren't the root cause. The root cause of spasms is simply the SCI itself. My solution for both spasms and UTIs was a baclofen pump. Baclofen pills don't work for SCI spasms. A doctor confirmed what I has suspected all along. The pills will only give side effects but won't stop the spasms. "Why prescribe baclofen pills?" I asked. Because doctors want to feel like they tried everything before surgery. Live and learn.. Ultimately, it may have to be you, the patient, who has to deny the pills and elect the pump.

    Baclofen pumps have problems too. They can fail. They can leak. They require surgery every few years. But with the pump at least you stand a chance of eliminating spasms and their associated problems like UTIs.

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    My urologist offers surgery to remove bladder at all to avoid nonstop UTIs (actually in average I have it monthly during last 3 years).
    Does someone heard about such way to avoid UTIs? Sounds scary...
    I'm managing bladder by intermittent cath 4 times/day.

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    We buy Cream of Tartar at the store- it is in the spices section. One teaspoon of that in a shot glass mixed with water twice a day. We use a half teaspoon to measure, as that is what fits in the bottle. No UTI's for over five years now. And she had them regularly prior to that. If we start to suspect one, we simply up the frequency of the doses, and it goes away. Have recommended it to several others, and it helped them as well.

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