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Thread: Recipes for avoiding UTI's

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    folley ?agrrr...i almost died ....AD and bleeding .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels
    So use dermacyn to clean around stoma of suprapubic catheter daily?
    Hi Mona, no, I dont use any catheter (supra or intermitent). I use Dermacyn to clean the area around the urethra after I go to the loo.

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    Oh okay I understand.

    Would it be good to use around my suprapubic stoma too?
    Like for daily cleaning?

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    mona, did you have a foley before you had a suprapubic? did they close the urethral opening when they put the suprapubic?

    thank you!
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    So <cough cough>


    Can you please sticky? It's useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels
    Oh okay I understand.

    Would it be good to use around my suprapubic stoma too?
    Like for daily cleaning?
    I dont see why not. It is exactly like water, but it kills even MRSA.

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    I wear a leg bag and "spit and slip" after BP in the morning. On my yearly I show up dirty and take 20 days two times a day of Cipro 500 mg. I doing great!

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    Found these on a related web site:

    • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water. Cranberry juice may have infection-fighting properties.
    • Urinate frequently, and avoid retaining your urine for a long time after you feel the urge to void.
    • Wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent bacteria in the anal region from spreading to the vagina and urethra.
    • Take showers rather than bubble baths.
    • Wash the skin around the vagina and anus daily.
    • Empty your bladder as soon as possible after intercourse, and drink a full glass of water to help flush bacteria.
    • Avoid using deodorant sprays or feminine products such as douches in the genital area that could irritate the urethra.
    • Wear cotton underwear
    • If you are sexually active, make sure you wash your genital area and urinate after intercourse. This will help to remove any bacteria that could travel up the urethra.

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    I have a recurring UTI and a fellow gimp told me that he had a problem with not being able to empty out his bladder completely. He had a urodynamics done and he found out that when he cathed he would not empty out completely so there would always be some urine in the bladder.

    I self cath and I had a urodynamics done in the hospital about a year ago. I read the report and I don't know what it is suppose to say if that is what is wrong with me. I think I might have the same problem. Right before I begin my bowel (dig stim) I cath and then I start digging. I found that when I am leaning over to do the stim as soon as I sit up straight I shoot out pee, even after I had just cathed.

    Anyone have the same condition?

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    Do you always Crede well before removing the catheter? This will help to get the last drops out, and is the only time we recommend using the Crede manuever anymore.


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