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Thread: Recipes for avoiding UTI's

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    UTIs (urinary tract infections) can be a bladder infection or a kidney infection, but both require symptoms. Colonization (positive culture only, possibly cloudy urine with sediment) is not considered an infection (or a UTI) in those with paralysis.


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    would you require antibiotics for colonization? my urine is cloudy and has visible sediment at times. sorry for hi-jacking thread
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    uroquid acid a prescription med? i use huggies baby wipes for hands n tip of penis. are they good enough? i read someone uses betadine?
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    just an update..went and got an ultrasound done on my Kidneys. Turned out that i have an obsrtustion in my ureter. My kidney stone i had blasted a few months back did not clear out all the way!! and i am having my urodynamics test done Nov. 3rd. thanks for all the help.
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    It is critical that any stones be removed BEFORE you have urodynamics. Call your urologist and discuss your options.

    McLovin, no, do not take antibiotics for colonization, and for self catheterization, either soap and water or baby wipes are fine for catheterization. Neither Betadine nor other antiseptic solutions are needed.


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    Blueberries & probiotics help keep UTI at bay

    I have had great success eliminating [within 24hrs!] the symptoms (frequency, burning, stinky, dark color) of a (non-clinically diagnosed) UTI by consuming ALOT of: water, blueberries, mannose, & probiotics. Daily consumption of ~0.5 gal water, blueberries & probiotics is (I believe) responsible for 10+yrs with NO symptom return.

    I hope the following referenced excerpts are helpful.
    -------- Alternative Medicine Review; Sep2008, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p227-244, 18p

    Clinical research suggests the best natural options for long-term prevention include cranberry, mannose, and probiotics. Botanicals that can be effective at the first sign of an infection and for short term prophylaxis include berberine and uva ursi.

    Cranberries have been a popular folk remedy for urinary health. Hippuric acid does have bacteria- fighting properties, but science now shows that it's the antioxidant flavonoids called proanthocyanidins. or condensed tannins, that prevent the adherence of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract. Over the past few decades, several clinical studies have found cranberry juice beneficial in preventing UTI. A major drawback, however, is that the amount of juice required is quite large—750 mL three times daily (more than two litres of the juice a day).

    E. coli, the primary pathogen involved in UTIs, travels from the intestines and/or vagina to inhabit the normally sterile urinary tract. Improving the gut or vaginal flora can impact the urinary tract.

    -------- Alive: Canadian Journal of Health & Nutrition; May2005 Issue 271, p68-69, 2p

    While tbe evidence is strongest for cranberries, these botanicals are also helpful:
    • Blueberries contain the same beneficial components as cranberry (at lower levels) and may act similarly to prevent bacterial adhesion in tbe bladder.
    • Goldenseal has bacteria-fighting properties.
    • Juniper increases urine volume, which may help to flush bacteria out of the bladder.
    • Uva-Ursi is an antibacterial herb approved in Germany for UTI.

    -------- Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine; Apr2005, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p369-371, 3p
    Three middle-aged males and one female were diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (UTIs)... data thus suggest an antibacterial characteristic of dried or fresh grapefruit seeds when taken at a dosage of 5 to 6 seeds every 8 hours, that is comparable to that of proven antibacterial drugs.

    -------- Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients; Dec2004 Issue 257, p114-115, 2p

    Natural remedies that keep the bacteria from sticking are cranberries and D-mannose. They can be very effective, but they work only for bladder infections caused by E. coli bacteria - approximately 90% of all bladder infections.

    Most cranberry juice products have a lot of sugar... it is much better to use pure cranberry juice powder in capsule or tablet form. Choose a product that is standardized to contain 11 to 12% quinic acid. The therapeutic dose is one to two capsules a day. You can also use unsweetened cranberry juice and add stevia as a natural sweetener. In general, cranberry juice drinks and cranberry sauce are half as potent as the usual cranberry juice cocktails, fresh or frozen cranbernes are four times as potent, pure cranberry juice is four times as potent, and cranberry capsules made from unsweetened cranberry juice powder are 32 times as potent. Over all though, I prefer to use DMannose.

    D-Mannose is even more effective for bladder infections than cranberry juice. Mannose is a natural sugar (not the kind that causes symptoms or yeast overgrowth) that is excreted promptly into the urine. Unfortunately for the E. coli bacteria, the fingers that stick to the bladder wall stick to the D-mannose even better. When the patient takes a large amount of D-mannose, it spills into the urine, coating all the E. coil's little "sticky fingers" so that the E. coli are literally washed away with the next urination.

    -------- Prevention; Jun99, Vol. 51 Issue 6, p122, 6p,

    Just like their cousin the cranberry, blueberries contain compounds that can prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), according to recent findings at the Rutgers Blueberry Cranberry Research Center in Chatsworth, NJ.

    A study out of Rutgers University’s Blueberry-Cranberry Research Center shows that the same colorful flavon-3-ol antioxidant pigments that give blueberries part of their anti-cancer effects also prevent UTI-causing bacteria from sticking to bladder cells.

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    None of these studies sited are with people with SCI. Do you have a SCI? Your profile does not indicate that, so I suspect that this may be a troll post.


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    It doesn't seem to be spam though. You have to be careful with golden seal root, I might not go there, but certainly d-mannose and cranberry are useful in a prophylactic regiment.
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    I have Multiple Sclerosis; diagnosed 1984. Don't know what a "troll post" is? I'm only trying to help...

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    None of these studies have included people with paralysis, and studies done on these drugs or herbs have failed to show they are any more effective in prevention of UTI in those with paralysis than placebos.

    Please complete your profile, Goat. Members who don't do this are suspect as spammers or trolls (troll = a person who posts on discussion boards not related to them, just to post, and often to cause trouble).


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