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Since UTI's are a consistently a major topic, I wonder if the SCI nurses/Mods
would see value in permanently stickying this thread so that everyone could
post their own successful strategies for avoiding UTI's.

I intermittent cath so here is mine:

Besides drinking water/cranberry juice and making sure cath area is prepped with betadine, I supplement with:

2 Uroquid Acid (50/50) x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
2 Green Source multivitamins x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
2 CVS Brand Max Cranberry x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
1 1000 mg time release Vitamin C (morning)

Uroquid acid can be up'd to 4x a day when people feel one coming on.

Thank God I have been near UTI free for two whole years.
Hey NoDecafPlz,

I also just started taking Uroquid acid twice a day,
per discussion on this board. I haven't taken it long
enough to suggest. But the tubing looks clearer than
before. Will let y'all know when more time has passed.

Great idea to stick it for everyone to read.