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Thread: Recipes for avoiding UTI's

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    Hi people, how much water do you guys drink?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yobder View Post
    Hi people, how much water do you guys drink?
    Here you will get answers that have a broad range. There are those on this forum who will extol that they drink in excess of a gallon of water per day, not including other sources of fluid. That is just crazy. A moderate amount of water/fluids per day is more like 2 liters and that should probably include other sources of fluids, coffee, tea, milk, juices, soups. If you are drinking excessive quantities of fluids, you definitely need to have regular blood sodium and other electrolyte monitoring by blood tests.

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    Two liters a day is the minimum you should be drinking; more if you sweat or exercise a lot, or live in a very hot climate. Your urine should be pale yellow ("straw colored"); if it is dark yellow, orange or has a brownish tinge, it may be to insufficient water intake.

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    I know the question sounds a little weird but I don't think I really don't know how to drink water.. Before I was injured it was mostly sodas and juices very little water.. After my injury the doctors and nurses kept pushing me to drink water.. 36 years later I am still not doing it right,, I don't drink anything but water now.. I drink a lot of water in one sitting and then I go about my day, then I come back and drink some more water in one sitting and continue my day.. I still get infections so I don't think the way I was drinking water was the right way.. So now I drink about 2 L I throughout the day slowly.. I have a camel pack on the back my wheelchair that I sip throughout the day.. It seems to be working okay.. Only at nights is when I get dehydrated because 7 to 8 hour of sleep is a long time to go without water.. I try to wake myself to drink water in the middle of the night, but it does not always work.. Just my thoughts on drinking water,, thank you for your input.
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