Since UTI's are a consistently a major topic, I wonder if the SCI nurses/Mods
would see value in permanently stickying this thread so that everyone could
post their own successful strategies for avoiding UTI's.

I intermittent cath so here is mine:

Besides drinking water/cranberry juice and making sure cath area is prepped with betadine, I supplement with:

2 Uroquid Acid (50/50) x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
2 Green Source multivitamins x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
2 CVS Brand Max Cranberry x2 daily (morning and bedtime)
1 1000 mg time release Vitamin C (morning)

Uroquid acid can be up'd to 4x a day when people feel one coming on.

Thank God I have been near UTI free for two whole years.