A quote on the cure...
“I wonder if the days of member generated cure predictions are over? Instead of us making predictions, we now have reputable researchers doing it for us. So, are the member "poll" days over? […] “you dissappoint me with this post”.
What one think? The poll

Do the cure come from hard working SCI cure advocates all over the world?

Do the cure come from a “few labs” and researchers?

Do the cure come from the politicians?

Do the cure come from the media?

Or, do the cure come from all the above?

Or do the cure come from nowhere?

Or, do the cure come from “live life to the fullest”?

The member poll day cure timeframe days are not over Smekster, hers another poll though, a bit more controversial question wise for ‘08.

Just a side note (a bit long one though): And the ones that will chime in to say, “live the live to the fullest” can take a hike, - all members posting on this website are living for information; quite a lot quite alive also I would say (ppl reading etc.). So bugger off those “to live life to the fullest” comments, -one try and one does. -Many SCI’d don’t brag on that living issue and likewise many SCI’d don’t have that option at all. It is the ones not so lucky in-between much of the whole SCI cure quest issue are about, and to be more specific; the ones not SCID’d yet. Personally I live, but would be better off if cured of this idiotic SCI situation, anything else would be a lie. Full healing or percentage wise is often discussed, the span in-between I mean, but just two-three percent improvements would do, this coming from a Th, -as for a C I can’t imagine how much that would have helped, but that is the goal of SCI advocating, to go for the works, meaning to support fixing chronic high level SCId. That’s the aim. The rest of neurology research then will fall into the fold, and it does; now researchers know how to make support cells in the cord, myelinate axons (regeneration) and to make motonevron replacement (in the gray substance). Sure and maybe some say Th level and incomplete are the best strategies still, like myself, they might be right. But are they? Is finding a good way to support internevrons and motonevrons replacements that? It might not be the case, for other levels, as for clinical trials I mean. I know researchers working hard on the brain stem for example (cord connection to the brain). But all will be good, all research done on the cord to try to fix it, if serious. And what one is going after is to fix high C injuries, complicated low L motonevron injuries, which would have the same complex nature, are also on the agenda as to fix. And that must be the goal, to fix the cord, regardless the type of injury or the level in the spinal column vertebra wise as for the cord. One member not a biology PhD but a member of CC wisely with a bunch of high education and PhD’s posted; science is on the brink one of these days, -I believe he is right. So to fix the problem of SCI, - I think there are manly three ways to do it: One; make connections with SCI labs, or if not existing, help make one to push the SCI cure. Two: Go after the politicians on the funding issue, - a buck here and there is good, donating wise, but the big bucks sit on state and government level, and that’s what will tip the ice berg (and on ice bergs, it tips easily, jut 12% is “true”). Thirdly: oppose any that will hamper the SCI cure by those writing bogus for what ever reason, like some personal religious beliefs when they post errors and faults, -the last here goes manly for such knowing what they do and politicians not following the ppl ‘s request though, -if individuals not in power hold some beliefs, -that’s maybe is OK, but if seeing them on the streets in ’08 if they will not listen, -I think due to how close a cure is I even support to hit them nay-sayers, although I am a peaceful loving person. Still, I think I would (arms are Ok).