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    shower commode

    Does anyone have a nice one with a padded stiff back on it. My old one has a padded bck that works well b/c I have no control over my torso. (c/4) The ones wwith the fabric backs aren't enough support for me. I have a activeaid commode chair but looking for a different and better one.

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    I have one made be ETAC that has a nice curved back. Their website is hope you can find one that works well for you.

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    Which ActiveAid model do you have? They make a lot of different shower commode chairs. A solid back is hard to find in a padded version once you eliminate ActiveAid.


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    My apologies for not knowing the vernacular, but do you need one that is like a wheelchair or just one that is stationary? My husband had one that we left in the tub that was padded seat and a stiff back with a removable (velcro) layer of padding over it that he thought was reasonably comfortable. It had an armrest on one side and the other side was extended to go over the side of the tub for easy transferring. He was T3 and had no torso control below his armpits. If this is anything that might be workable for you, I could find the manufacturer's info. Oh, and the whole thing was PVC, adjustable leg heights and folded to where it would go into a big duffle type bag for travel.

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