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Thread: [Quad] need advice on first driving vehicle

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    JAYCUE, i duck a little going in to clear the window but once im in there is alot of head room. i'm 5'11" prob 4'2" in my chair, i'll measure today and see if i can get some photos of me in it. lowering the floor was fairly easy first you need to add a 2 inch body lift. we used a cutting wheel to cut the floor out(plasma cutter would be quick work) and just added sheet metal strips to the sides. there is nothing below thats in the way aside from the upper shock mounts which we boxed in. i made a new gas tank and cross member. at first i just lowered the original tank with the floor but it's a little too low for rock crawling.
    the thing sticking out of the gas dor is an air hose reel tucked up in the fender. i converted my a/c compressor to an air compressor and used it to air-up the tires after rock crawling. it has since blown up and i tore off the air tank on a rock, so i removed the whole setup.
    as far as asking too many questions..forget about it. i would love to help a fellow quad build one. i have had so much fun in this jeep over the years and there's really not many options for us as far as vehicle choices. if you decide to build one, i'd be glad to help.

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    ok i measured...i'm 50.5" tall in my chair and the floor to ceiling in the back of the jeep is 53". it doesn't really matter that much if your taller because it's a soft top and once you transfer into the drivers seat you'll have plenty of head room.
    here's some interior pics:

    here's with the back closed:

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    Thanks for the pictures. That's a cool setup. I'll keep this in mind when I'm ready for a custom rig.

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    ha! mr. tallino, long time no talk. i emailed you back in '99 or '00 about your rig. that & angela cook's tj were the beginning of the inspiration for mine... i opted to raise the roofline though...

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    Hey Scott, what brand lift are those?..I gotta little project going on myself.
    Maybe a web site I could get some dimension from. TIA.

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    Ricon Uni-lite. Not sure about dimensions off-hand. I can measure mine later & it sounds like Pat would be willing to as well. There is a fair amount of adjustability in these lifts. What dimensions do you need & what are you working on?

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    alright scott! that's awesome! i thought your name looked familiar when reading some other posts. i'm glad i was able to help. after helping angela build hers i've had people ask me about building one but i never thought anyone actually did it. looks like you've been doing some wheeling. are you digging your jeep?

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    thanks! i'm surprised my name looks familiar, but that's cool. actually i don't recall ever seeing that yj; maybe i'm mistaken, but did you have a scrambler at one point?

    it took a lot of trial and error to build, but the jeep is definitely a fun vehicle, and yes, it gets wheeled. of course, there's still more to do on it though...

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    Can the hardtop be removed without pulling off the cage?

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