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Thread: Hoyer recommendations?

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    Hoyer recommendations?


    I'm looking for recommendations for a hoyer. After some Internet research, I'm particularly interested in the Liko Viking S, but I'm not completely convinced. Does anyone have experience --good or bad-- with Liko or other brands of hoyers --manual or power--? (Ceiling lifts aren't in the budget, so don't even mention those.)


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    Please, any info would be helpful. Some of you must use a hoyer of some kind.

    I'm C4-C7. My husband's back is quickly wearing out after a decade of moving me around. We need to get something soon.

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    Hoyer is a brand name of a patient lift. They are currently distributed by Sunrise Medical and by Triline. I generally don't recommend the Hoyer brand except for the Hoyer Advance (which folds up small for storage and is good for travel as well). I definitely don't recommend the older Hoyers with the chains...they were actually recalled (they flipped over), but many are still on the market used.

    I would recommend a power lift, not one that is manual or crank. The latter is hard on the caregiver and adds to problems with wrist and elbow injuries. If you are looking at Liko brand, check out the Liko Light which is also good for travel. The Viking line is OK, but not very portable, and take up quite a bit of storage space.

    Check out eBay. There are often good buys on both used and new patient lifts there. No matter what you decide, DON'T purchase without trying one out from a local vendor (even if you don't purchase from them).


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    Guldmann is what we have always used - you can find them here:
    - although ours is an older version - made in 1990 actually. Has worked great for us for more than 8 years. It has both power hoisting and power leg-spread. Tried one with manual spread that worked OK also.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I called three local companies listed on the Liko Website as distributors. One never heard of Liko, one doesn't carry Liko, and one didn't answer.

    I hesitate to buy something sight unseen over the Internet, not to mention the difficulty of getting something repaired that you purchased online. However, the only brands available locally are Hoyer and Invacare. I have been warned against Hoyer. Does anyone have experience with Invacare patient lifts?

    I would love feedback from caregivers as well.


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    Where are you located? I know a lot of people at Liko and probably can link you up with a local vendor.

    I don't think much of Invacare, frankly. They have not kept up with the innovations that other companies have (that are primarily, like Liko, based in Europe or Canada).

    Have you looked at the Molift Smart? It has the advantage of being good for travel as well.

    This one used to be sold by Rolli-Moden but currently there is no USA distributor. While I prefer the Molift Smart, this is a good deal for this one, which also works well for travel:

    This one (Arjo Marisa) is also a decent lift (although not as nice for travel):


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    rtr - I am a caregiver, both in private and professional:-)
    I looked at pics of the Liko Viking S - looks a lot like the ones I'm used to - but I worry a bit about the wheels - looks kind of small - and build like office chair wheels, it seems. Should look more like the wheels of a hospital bed IMO. Those will require very even flooring - and absolutely no carpet.

    Also - there a three sizes - S is the small one. If it's real small, one problem may be getting your feet past the upright part, since you are working with only one caregiver. In my workplace, second caregiver checks the feet - at home I play octopus...

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    Thank you SCI-Nurse and cybs.

    I contacted Liko directly. They were very friendly and helpful. The manager quickly put me in touch with a certified Liko distributor in my area. After talking to the distributor, I'm waiting to see a sample lift and get some prices.

    Cybs, you pointed out two very important issues about selecting a lift. We have wood floors, so I'm not too concerned about level flooring. When the distributor rounds up a sample lift for us to try. I will definitely pay attention to any difficulties in managing my feet during the lift. We probably wouldn't have noted that aspect without your comment.

    Thanks again for your input.

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    Most lifts do the same job, the most difficult thing I have found is in the selection of the slings.
    The large nylon slings that form something like a bag that lifts people up are difficult to position under the patient and makes it difficult to insure that clothing is on straight. I had a terrible time with them.

    I eventually obtained a Surehands lift, but the most important thing was how I was lifted. They have a body support type sling that makes it easy to be lifted from bed and placed into a wheelchair. Also clothing can be adjusted (specially the pants) while being supported up in the air, so when your are finally seated everything is on straight.

    When you select a sling try to make sure it is easy to put on while in bed. The surehands body support sling requires no rolling of the patient for placement of the sling. Two hooks under the thighs and padded brackets under the armpits and your up.
    The toileting type slings look simple to put on and make it possible to adjust clothing during the transfer. Try different slings if you have the opportunity.
    Good luck with your choice.
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