2008 - I don’t know much about the SCI cure in 2008, none does, -but I’ve think I’ve come to a grip to work much harder for it. Although I’m an ok nice person, in life -“I think”, … or regardless, if I’m not a nice person, -one has to man up…

To be nice in ’08?, - well the not so interested in spinal cord injury cures for research for spinal cord injured ppl will not be tolerated, per say, not at all. And her I mean the ones “supporting” the half of the research like; -remember a time ago -how great it was when liposuction stem cell research was on the news? Fr. Tad -a Catholic anti SCI cure person back then (although he says in many of his talks was good for SCI people) don’t follow through, -just look now? How many papers have he produce on SCI cures on that since then? He was then a supposedly “SCI advocate” supporting the “Do not harm” coalition (whatever that means), and then later supported the “amniotic cures”, and now, the pro-life ppl support skin cell research for SCI. How bogus is that? It’s Ok for Fr. Tad not to support SCI research, it is very OK, -he and many don’t support a spinal cord research cure - that is quite clear- but then comes along, people with spinal cord injuries not supporting much of what is considered a great approach for us (the SCI’d) and the ones coming after us. Discussing embryonic stem cell research vs adult stem cell research? Man.

One have the so-called 73 adult stem cell cures “upping pro-life” folks, which are bloody bogus ppl halting my cure, plain and simple, and as for them, let them die in peace (if that is what they want), or be confronted in ’08 the same ways as terrorists are. One has also confronted the 73 ppl “cure” ppl many times, but does they understand? No, another one just bounce back. And very strange; even spinal cord people on this website does? Bloody hell, if they don’t want a spinal cord injury cure for supporting research, then bugger off. If not, in ’08 they will have to do.

I know ppl working hard on real SCI research, a friend C (ervical) died a couple of days ago.

So my “friends”; next year, in the year of 2008, I will attack any idiot halting the cure for my friends and me.

It’s about time to stop this nice thing thinking, for a SCI cure one has to address idiots like Heather Zeiger.

Just my Xmas thoughts for ’08, -for not to give in on bogus.