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Thread: Seat Depth

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    Seat Depth

    Whats everyone seat depth? How deep is your chair? Also everyones height?

    Asking my last was 19'' deep and I just slipped and slide..

    I went 16'' DME PUSH cushion back, sat in a 16'' ti and it feel great.

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    Depth of seat must be measured individually. Too deep and you will get pressure behind your knee and slide forward a lot. Too shallow and you will not support enough weight on your thighs, putting more pressure on your ischiums, and you are also more at risk for falls when leaning forward in your chair. The amount of dump is also important to factor into this.


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    My new one that is coming (Ti Lite ZR-C) is 17 inches wide and 18 inches deep, 90 degree bend with 4 degrees of camber (20 Front Seat Height, 16 rear seat height). I will have about 2 fingers difference between the end of my cushion and my knees.
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    im 6'2 and run 16 depth

    Quote Originally Posted by MADPRODUCER
    Whats everyone seat depth? How deep is your chair? Also everyones height?

    Asking my last was 19'' deep and I just slipped and slide..

    I went 16'' DME PUSH cushion back, sat in a 16'' ti and it feel great. rep
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    my chair has an 18 deep sling/cushion and an extra inch before the bend, which is 85degrees. i have enough room to jam four fingers in behind my knee - and im 5'2". but i know i have bizarrely long legs... my previous chair was 16 deep and 87 degrees, and i was very unstable. i often fell out forwards, usually dragging my chair on top of me. but my dimensions are not the usual, so i would advise you to try a few differing sizes if youre unsure. for me the change from my previous chair to this one is immense.

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    I tried a ZRA ADJ that was 16 deep.. So we push my 15x19 cushion alll the way back to fit the 16 deep chair. Felt ok... 18 deep i slouch 2 inches n back. pls i got a extra inch in front.. just curious about 17'' deep.

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    If you're in a seated position, what's the length from the back of your knee to your butt? When I was in rehab and they measured me for my 1st chair they took that measurement and subtracted 2inches and said that was my depth. My chair had a 20 inch depth, which for me was too long. Some DME's use that method. I think the shorter the chair, the more manuverable it is. You don't want to go too short though like KLD said.

    What angle front end did you go with?

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    Quickie 2 ultralightweight manual wheelchair: 18" wide by 16" deep. Quickie S-525 power chair: 18" wide by 18" deep. I'm 5', 6". With my power chair, I have a Jay Focus back, complete with headrest and chest posture belt. I've noticed that I'm better positioned in it (sitting in a normal, upright position), than in my manual wheelchair. It has a tension-adjustable back, but no chest posture belt or headrest. It tends to thrust me into a forward position.

    My manual wheelchair has a sling-seat for the cushion to rest on, and my power chair has a solid drop base for the cushion. I've noticed that the thicker the wheelchair cushion is, the taller you sit. Currently, I use a Jay 2 Deep Contoured seat cushion in both wheelchairs. When I enter and exit my van with my wheelchair, I tend to bonk my head on the doorway if I forget to duck. I've done that several times with my best friend's old wheelchair van.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Depth of seat must be measured individually.
    Indeed. One's overall height won't address this directly. Some people that happen to be 6'2" tall have very long torsoes and very short legs, whereas some people who happen to be 5'2" tall have short torsoes and long legs. Femur length is the key and must be measured individually.


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    JQ It's 21'' from knee to butt.. 19'' deep was way to big, even 18 deep..
    I went 85 degree angle... I sat in a 16 deep chair w/ my cushion push to fit the 16 deep chair. I felt ok.. I dont know if it would make a difference w/ a 19 deep cushion push to fit a 16 deep chair.. I'll ask to try a 17 deep chair.. Im stuck between 16-17 deep.. Yeah DME are slick. I don't sign shit to im right...

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