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    Hi i'm 15 years old and i have always had a rapid heartbeat but less than 100 bpm. In the last few days i became overly worried about my physical that i will be getting in order to play football. My worry was that the doctor would say that i had a heart problem. Ever since then my heart rate has increased, to the point where last night my mom took me to the ER. At the Er they did 2 tests, they took blood to check my thryoid levels and then they did an EKG. They said both looked normal and to just follow up with my regular physician which i will be seeing tommorow. I am so worried to the point where i will think i'm having a heart attack!! its crazy but i cant get it off my head. I have shortness of breath sometimes but then again i have always kind of had that. I also have palpitations every once in a while and lightheadedness somebody please reply and give me some info.

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    Your story sounds ALOT like mine. I started a thread in the care forum titled "heart related" if you'd like to read it. I think you might suffer from the same thing I do and thats anxiety. Anytime you worry about your heart your symptoms will definetly increase! I have also had all tests done too


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    Maybe your tach is having to do with anxiety? Usually mine is (or asthma treatment medication).

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    Spencer ... I'm going to move your thread to the Care forum. I believe you will get more response to your question there! Welcome to CC by the way!!


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