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Thread: Cant wait for Stem cells...Alternative aids are welcome

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    Cant wait for Stem cells...Alternative aids are welcome

    Reppected all here Doctors & Dignities & Friends,
    I am completely lost of when will stem cells actually be cure for spine injuries with protocol.Heard abt Dr.Lima, Dr huang but dont know what to do.I m paraplegic from D11 & D12 staying Inida,bby.its really difficult for me to come to china or portugal without ne surity.i really cant i have decided to walk with crutches and callipers which is damn tough.
    Doctors, i am going to implant ITB.Baclofen catheter to remove spasticity whcih will be helpful for me to walk.

    I really need ur help to enlighten me with various aids to ppl like me.bcos worst thing is i cvame across to baclofen which no doubtedly was successful in test n i was very happy.I got to know sooooo late abt baclofen.So i m here to get the various helpful ways i can improve my lifestyle, my walking n all.Does electronic callipers exist ?))).......i wont be shy but i wear diapers(.ne other alternative where i can hold my bowel n urination???i will be really grateful to know various types of callipers. Please help me to get better lifestly.well i m living best from outer but uncomfy innerly.i cannot climb aid or ne electronic thing which helps me to climb staircases?????

    I m 23....In india, its marriage of my frd ready to marry me but i want my lifestyle smooth n good n movable......staircase is THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.......Help me pls.......


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    Did you go to a rehabilitation center when you were first injured? Did they teach you anything about bowel and bladder management? Do you have a good SCI physician (physiatrist)?

    At your level of injury, you should be able to catheterize yourself and not have to wear diapers for this. Medications may be needed to keep you dry between catheterizations.

    A bowel program, with the use of a suppository, and manual removal or digital stimulation (depending on if you have a flaccid or spastic anal sphincter) done on a regular basis, combined with a good diet, some bowel medications, and a rigourous schedule, should also allow you to empty your bowels without having to wear diapers to control bowel incontinence.

    There are expensive devices designed to help you climb stairs (stair glides that are installed permanently, or portable stair climbers) but they are not very practical, and I would assume difficult and expensive to get in India. It is very difficult to go up and down stairs with crutches and braces at your level of injury. I know some people who do stairs by bumping up on their bottoms using their arms, but this can be very bad in the long term on your shoulders. Do you live or work upstairs? Can you move?

    You may want to post on the Equipment forum for information on braces and crutches, but you would need to have access to these.

    Keep in mind that to date there have been no cures in China or Portugal. People treated have had some limited return, but we don't have the cure yet. You can keep on top of the most recent developments in the Cure forum.

    I am glad to hear that you are planning to marry. If you have any questions about sexuality you can also post here or on the Relationships & Sexuality forum.

    Please keep asking questions, and we will try to help.


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