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Thread: What's your weight?

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    What's your weight?

    I am curious how much you guys weigh. Before injury I was 200 pounds 6'3". I lost about 50 pounds within 6 weeks of my injury.

    About a year later I've lost about 8 more pounds. So I am weighing 142-143ish.

    I am a total ectomorph body frame. Prior to injury i was 6.8% bodyfat. I estimate I am still at 6.8% bodyfat.

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    Thats a good question I need to go weigh myself. I was @ about 165 pre jumped up to 188 post. I would hope im less than 188 now but heck who knows.

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    I use to exercise a lot before my accident. I am 6'2". I weighed 190 before and weigh 240 now. Just cannot get as much exercise and and pain drugs appear to cause weight gain.


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    Damn man 6-3 and 143. Kinda surprised to hear you're still losing weight. I've got skinny genes too, but I'm 6-0 and 155 +/- with (I'm guessing) 7-8% bodyfat. I was 180 when I got hurt and I got down below 140 immediately post, but I was maybe 145 by a year later. Then I hit the gym and was up to 150 by the third year. I've kept up a maintenance-level routine ever since and my weight has been pretty stable. If anything, I've worked off some collegiate beer-pounds in favor or more muscle weight in the last 2 years.

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    Ok I'll be the only brave woman. I am probably 110 at 5'5 and before my accident, 22 yrs ago, I was 120. I needed to lose the weight but would have preferred a less drastic way! Oh well at least I'm a perfect size 4.


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    I guess I'll be the second woman to fess up, it doesn't bother me one bit. Well I was about 150 pounds pre-injury, then my weight shot up to 256 thanks to the steroids I was given. Now I'm back down to 160's, and at 5'91/2", so thats not to bad, my doctors aren't complaining about my wieght, so I'm not about to. I just wish there was something, or way to do something about this belly, oh well, at least I know now that it's not my fault.

    Linda H.

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    6'1" at 165 pounds before injury. Now, 37 years later, 6'3" and 225 pounds. 90 days after injury my weight was 119 pounds.


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    I'm 5'9. Was approximately 135 lbs pre-sci. Dropped to 120 after injury. Right now I'm 115, I lost a few while in the hospital a few weeks ago. Working on gaining now.

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    6'2 200-205

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    5'11 and i think im between 175-185,somewhere in there..

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