Website helps disabled share experiences

Shannon Proudfoot, CanWest News Service

Published: Sunday, December 02, 2007
There's a new online gathering place where revealing that you use a wheelchair or can't hear is no big deal, because the person you're chatting with probably lives a similar experience. - so named because the creator wanted to "blow the doors off" stereotypes - is a website for the disabled community that combines lifestyle and medical information, discussion boards, social networking, a career centre and a dating site. It lays claim to being the first for-profit online destination for people with disabilities, which translates to a slick, sophisticated space with plenty of resources.
Conversations range from a mother worried that her two-year-old isn't yet walking with his prosthesis to advice on sex after a spinal cord injury and the fine art of "Signaoke," or Karaoke for the hearing-impaired.