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Thread: Crotch Rot

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    Crotch Rot

    I was waiting all year for the warm, humid weather and here it is. However, now I have crotch rot and on my balls too! I t makes me quite spastic. I shower every day. Tinactin, Lotrimin, sprays, powders, ointments......what's the best stuff? How often and how long should I apply it?

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    Preventive measure: Blow dry your junk zone thoroughly after showering. Between your toes too. Toweling off is not enough. You gotta get dry.

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    Gold Bond powder. Daily, a.m., apply when dry.

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    a lot of those tinactin,lotrimin powders can make the problem much worse, especailly if its not fungal.
    dermatoligist i found worth the visit, to identify waht it is and treat it properly.
    prescribed a cortisone creme for me that works great and rarely needed any more

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    good point mike.

    my bad smokey, my suggestion is more of a preventative one.

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    my reply is more of a been there done that! and knno the pain , went crazy with it for months tried all the OTC remedies, finally went to a good dermatologist and he explained how i was making everything worse with all the powders cremes, sprays.
    in my case it wasnt fungal, or if it originally was , it wasnt anymore and the anti fungal cause problems. swimming pool chlorine can also cause problems. i use the hair drier in my ears too, to prevent problems after swimming
    dryness like Stephen said is very important.
    keep an eye out for pantagonia silk weight capelline boxers when they go on sale, they are great in the hot weather, they do not hold sweat next to the skin,
    silk boxers that can be found easily for under 10 bucks , they also help this problem.
    and so comfy

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    I also get it somtimes from my friggin' bladder leaking and me not realizing it, i use baby powder and it works great and leaves me smelling like a freshly shatten baby. thats right, i said shatten.

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    If it is fungal you will usually see small white patches on the skin, and it can be quite moist. You can try Lotrimin or similar cream for a few days. If it does not seem to be improving quickly, see a dermatologist.

    This is what I recommend:

    Wear cotton shorts. Avoid synthetics.

    Twice daily, wash the area with a mild soap and rinse well. Pat dry, then lay on your back in bed with your legs "frogged" for at least an hour. This can also be done routinely 1X daily at bedtime to prevent problems like this.

    At the end of the hour, apply the antifungal cream. Avoid baby powder (the talc can be irritating for some) and avoid cornstarch (yeast just love to eat this). If you use an antifungal powder, dust it on and brush it off. Don't leave a lot or it will just cake.

    Once it is healed, you may want to consider using a barrier film like the 3M No Sting Barrier Spray or Swab to keep the area protected from moisture.


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    Thanks for the replies. I go solo...that is no underwear, just pants. I've been washing, drying and rotating my pants so as not to wear the same pants two days in a row. I also washed and dried my Roho cushion cover. I took Stephen's and metronyguy's advice this morning and took to blow drying my meat and potatoes. I don't know if it will help my rash but my pubic hair looks great now...very sytlish! I also frog-legged for a while and lightly sprayed Tinactin powder. Hopefully it does the trick. Folks in FL and the Gulf Coast living in constant hot and humid weather must have an awful time with this stuff.

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    Unless you absolutely love the esthetics of your man mane, you should strongly consider getting some clippers and giving yourself a Brazilian.

    And also, a potato peeler will give you the silky smooth texture that the ladies prefer.

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