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Thread: new chair seems uncomfortable

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    new chair seems uncomfortable

    After many delays, I finally got my first chair. It is a Quickie GT. Although in most ways I like the chair a lot better than the temporary issued one, I do have one major complaint.

    My chair was ordered with the 10 - 14" adjustable back. Although this seems to work very well for when I am actually moving around, I find it very uncomfortable when sitting still for any length of time. Even for a meal, I do much better if I transfer to a normal kitchen chair. To watch tv or do any sort of craft, I can for get about doing it from my chair.

    I believe that the problem is with the backrest height. With my Jay cushion which is almost 4" thick, I only have about ten inches of "useable" backrest height. My first loaner chair had a much higher back (almost like a hospital style chair) which seemed to be much more comfortable.

    I have talked with my therapist and supplier and they both say that the backrest is what I should need.

    As I plan on going back to work early in the new year, I really worry about back pain and discomfort caused by my chair as I will need to stay in it all day without transferring.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Andrea,
    Make sure the backrest is as "tall" as it is possible to make it, and then I might think about getting another cushion that is not 4" thick. I know this is an expensive proposition (or maybe not if you transfer easily enough to get out of your chair occasionally) but there are lots of good cushions out there that are more like two inches thick. Like all things, it will take awhile to get use to the new chair, but a couple of extra inches by lowering your cushion height might help.

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    Your back is probably weak from not using it. Don't hurt yourself, but push to try and strengthen it

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    A lumbar support roll may be helpful. Often discomfort with a low back is not due to not enough support at the top, but the lower back allowing you to have less lordosis (the normal lumbar curve) and a lumbar support can help.


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    I do agree that you may get used to the back as your back strengthens. WHile in rehab I tried a chair with a very low back. I liked it the first day, but after that my back ached too much to sit for long. I ordered a higher back on my chair. Just recently I had my therapist lower it (my own higher, but adjustable back) and I am very happy with it. It gives me more freedom of movement, and more control on hills. I am very happy with it.
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    Your injury is so new, I'm sure you had to wear a body brace and it takes quite a while after the brace comes off to strengthen your back and stomach muscles. When I took my brace off after 3 months I thought I could just sit normal and no problems. After about 10 minutes I couldn't wait to put it back on. Give yourself some time to get your strength back. You'll be surprised how much easier it will get and how much better your chair feels.

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