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Thread: Set your DVRs for Cartoon Network!

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    Set your DVRs for Cartoon Network!

    Futurama is leaving the Cartoon Network on Jan. 1, so they're running a marathon starting Dec. 26, airing every episode from the beginning. Great opportunity to catch up on the best animated comedy of all time!

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    Meh..... I get it on 2 others.... lso seen every episode 5 times.

    Have you seen the movie?

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    iI'm a die-hard Futurama NUT, just learned about it a few months ago. Don't have a way of recording from the tv but will be watching. They charge WAY 2 much for the dvd sets for me. I'm p2p'ing all I can find now. One day when I can get them cheaper, I'll buy.

    I hope to stay awake for them all. Remember... tv is higher resolution than real life... Fry, you have bedsores, you HAVE to get outside !... lol

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    i haven't saw a whole episode, just heard it was good. guess i'll record em an see.

    damn cap'n, guess i just haven't seen your mug in awhile, lol.

    assumin the cap'n likes it, it must be good.

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    We love Futurama! I think we've seen all of the episodes but I'm gonna try to tape them. I'd love to DVR them but I'm too cheap to get one. lol
    We're gonna miss them being on Cartoon Network but I can't wait to see the new episodes they're suppose to release.

    Was the movie any good?
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    I haven't seen the movie but apparently it's going to be released as four separate episodes on Comedy Central in 2008, so I'll probably just wait to see them there. They've got three more movies planned, all of which will be divided into four episodes each, comprising a 16-episode fifth "season" of Futurama.

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    I watched the first movie last night............ Freak'n Hilarious!

    They make soo many digs about getting cancelled.

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    Oh cruel fate, to be thusly boned.

    Last night the satellite was on the blink because of snow covering the dish, so I may have missed some of the episodes on DVR.

    The really nasty aspect of this? It was almost exactly one year ago when I climbed up a ladder onto the roof to brush the snow away from the dish when I lost my grip. I slid and fell onto freshly shoveled sidewalk, pulverizing T7 and T10 and landing myself up in this chair.

    Sometimes I feel like hating everything. I still like Futurama though.

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